D&AD Student Awards

April 24, 2012

Finally an update on my third year university work!

I recently tackled two D&AD student award briefs, and here are the results:


An original cover illustration for Little White Lies magazine, depicting the main character of the movie Black Swan.

Digital Compositing/Digital Illustration



An identity and a TV spot designed to brand and to launch a new over 60’s channel for Channel4.

FRAME4 from Jirka Vaatainen on Vimeo.


Even though I failed to get recognized in the actual awards, it was refreshing to get to work on live briefs. And I do believe that the end results are definitely a great addition to my portfolio.

Hello Rain

May 24, 2011

The last brief for my second year at Uni was rather open. My group of four decided to concentrate on rain, and to work towards something that would make people appreciate the rain. Our final outcome is a interactive exhibition that comes to life when it is raining. You can learn more about the project by taking a look at our HelloRainProposal -pdf , which should explain our idea thoroughly.

The book layout as seen on the PDF was designed by me. I was responsible for coming up with most of our final visualisations (such as the pictures below, which I created in Photoshop), among other things of course.

Here is also a promotional poster designed by me that I rather liked, but which we chose not to use in the end:

Page Layout

March 12, 2011

I realised that I haven’t really showcased any page layout work. Here are a couple of examples of page layouts that I have designed at Uni.


A case study layout:

All images used within the case study are courtesy of Mind Design,
borrowed from their website at http://www.minddesign.co.uk

Barbican Art Gallery Brochure:

Research Theme Poster

March 5, 2011

I am in the process of researching for an investigate study in relation to an area of visual communications. To get us started on this, we were required to design a poster communicating our initial plans. You can take a look at the design and my research themes below:

A Film by Jirka Väätäinen

February 25, 2011

Done with another hand-in today.

The brief was to produce a visual interpretation of a narrative text of our choice. Here is my response to the brief in the form of a short film:

Untitled from Jirka Vaatainen on Vimeo.

It was definitely refreshing to be able to experiment with a new medium, step out of my comfort zone and try out my skills within film making.

Black Swan

February 23, 2011

For our latest brief we were told to use a piece of string to represent a story of our choice. I had just recently seen the movie Black Swan and was inspired enough to do my project based on the film. To give it context, I decided to make it into a promotional billboard for the film.

Here is a quick mock up of what it would look like in real life:

Original image from here

Visualising Data

December 5, 2010

Continuing from the previous assignment, our latest brief was to create a system that visualises a set of data of our choice, and shows the relevant relationships between the information.

The system that I designed is called the ReadyToWear Colour Finder.

It is an interactive flash piece designed for web, a system you can use to find designer garments in your choice of colour, by your choice of designer, and even in your choice of collection.

So basically, you pick a colour, and you can find all the designers and their Ready to Wear -collections that have incorporated the colour of your choice. You are then able to go through these collections and see the garments in your choice of colour. The system can also be used to find colours by designer, for example, one can find all the colours Calvin Klein used in their Ready to Wear Spring/Summer Collection 2010.

The system is aimed at fashion enthusiasts, buyers, stylists etc. who are looking to find designer garments in a certain colour. The system can also be used as a way to explore the use of colour in the fashion industry, since by navigating through the system, one can get an idea of what colours are/were favoured by designers at a certain time.


My final design can be accessed here (be patient, it takes a long time to load):


Since it is a complicated system, and I had limited time, I was unable to make it fully work. However, one should be able to get the full idea on how the system should work through the examples available.

I made a version with guidelines for easy navigation through everything that works. It has yellowish dots to represent everything that is clickable. This was the easiest way for me to take you through the system.

Do not bother clicking on anything not marked with a dot, since it won’t work! (In theory, everything would work in a similar way)

For a version with guides, click here:



Instructions for using the system (also accessible within the software by moving the cursor over the left hand side of the screen, or over the “ReadyToWear Colour Finder” text in the lower right hand corner):


Pick a designer and a collection
– Find your possible colour choices
Pick a colour
– Find all the garments in your choice of colour


Pick a colour
– Get your designer and collection matches
Decide on the collection
– Find all the garments in your choice of colour

Click on the background to go back.
Click on your choice of garment to print.

To get the best possible idea on how the system would work, find a colour included in the Versace S/S 2011 collection. All the colours in that collection should have working images. Find this collection by clicking on any of these colours:

orange (fourth from the top on the red column)

black (darkest black, top one on the gray column)

white (whitest white, last on the gray column)

beige (either first or fifth from the top of the brown/beige column)

yellow (the brighest yellow, fourth from the bottom on the green/yellow column)

semi light blue (fourth blue from the bottom, on the purple/blue column)

Visual Systems

October 28, 2010

Back to uni again for my second year.

Here is my latest piece of design, a system I designed for visualising Models.com model rankings.


US sizes used

(some of the numbers have been approximated for aesthetic purposes, sorry models if you are depicted bigger than you actually are 😀 )


May 20, 2010

I’m finished with my first year of Uni. Yay!

In the end I was quite pleased with my animation about Britishness – I worked hard on it, and it feels good that I got it done. The problem is the resolution of the imagery I was using was so big that the file ended up being huge and I can not even publish it anywhere. We will see if I’ll find a way to post it here some day!

Sneak Peek

May 6, 2010

Here’s a sneak peek at the visuals of my upcoming Flash animation.

Surely it’s not going to look as nice after I start animating it with my amateur Flash skills…