Hello Rain

May 24, 2011

The last brief for my second year at Uni was rather open. My group of four decided to concentrate on rain, and to work towards something that would make people appreciate the rain. Our final outcome is a interactive exhibition that comes to life when it is raining. You can learn more about the project by taking a look at our HelloRainProposal -pdf , which should explain our idea thoroughly.

The book layout as seen on the PDF was designed by me. I was responsible for coming up with most of our final visualisations (such as the pictures below, which I created in Photoshop), among other things of course.

Here is also a promotional poster designed by me that I rather liked, but which we chose not to use in the end:


August 11, 2010

I was playing around with some of my photography again, and randomly put this together… Another cover design for my imaginative magazine, I guess.