February 12, 2012

Jane from Tarzan.

This is a continuation of my previous attempts to envision Disney characters in “real life”.

219 Responses to “Jane”

  1. Yassmin Says:

    she’s beautiful! 🙂

      • Giovanna Says:

        Hey Jirka!

        I’ve been checking your works, they’re AWESOME! All of them… I started a graphic design course this year, and I’d like to tell you that you became a strong reference to me (:
        Just for curiosity, what tools have you used to manipulate those amazing Disney characters’ portraits?

      • jirkavinse Says:

        Hey Giovanna! Thanks, I’m glad you like my work. It’s all done in Adobe Photoshop 🙂

  2. Dandi Says:

    She is really beautiful. I continue to LOVE your work on these Disney characters. Awesome job. Keep it up…PLEASE.

  3. Jamie Says:

    AHHHH!!!! SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL!! Excellent job as usual! You’re just so amazing. I hope you do Wendy, Princess Kida, or Lilo next. Take all the time you need!

  4. Ada Says:

    Wow! I never believe that disney´s jane was atracctive, you just proved me wrong 🙂 AMAZING JOB!

  5. Katie Says:

    Stunning work! keep it up!

  6. Destiny Says:

    This is amazing! I’m so happy you still have time to add to this magnificent work!

  7. Ari Morgan Says:

    how long does it take for you to do these?

  8. Ari Morgan Says:

    very fascinating by the way

  9. April Says:

    Oh, I agree with the other commenter – would love to see Lilo maybe? And haha, as for the new girl in Brave, my bestie is already her real life counterpart! I teased her about that from the moment I first saw the new disney girl – that they had made her into the new disney “princess”! lol LOVE your work!! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  10. Sarah Says:

    Looks like Ashley Tisdale, sorta.

  11. Gina Says:

    This is one of my favorites out of your series so far. She looks so amazing, just like in the movie! Are you planning on doing the princes?

  12. Tonia Says:

    Look almost EXACTLY like Ashley Tisdale. She’s so beautiful and I am so impressed. Great, GREAT job.

  13. Tonia Says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAAAAAAASSSSE DO THE MALES! I don’t care if it’s next year or tomorrow, please please PLEASE get around to it. I’m begging you. Tarzan, Aladdin, Jafar, Shang, and Eric are some I would love to see. And again, it doesn’t have to be in the near future, just maybe whenever you’re bored on a Friday and you’ve done all the females you could get around to it. Your work is astounding, thanks for sharing with the world.

  14. Alisha Says:

    Jane looked so silly in Tarzan but she looks really beautiful now.

  15. Belle Mear Says:

    Really great! It would really be cool to see the male characters in human form as well.

  16. Niah Saleh Says:

    She’s so beautiful!! This is probably my favorite so far. It looks just like her! Please keep them coming!

  17. Jane Says:

    Excellent work!! If you could do Tinkerbell, you’d make my day.

  18. Adriana Says:

    I think she looks really pretty you are very talented. I was wondering if you were ever going to do the prince’s of Disney…there was another guy who did some similar David Kwena but his rendition were not as realistic, or as creative as yours with the princesses. This is my opinion but I’d like to see what you could do. 🙂

  19. Adriana Says:

    I read the other posts, nevermind if your not planning on doing the princes I apologize for not reading ahead. Either way I think the princesses look amazing all of them must be fun to be able to bring them to life that way. Thank you for sharing I know I loved the Disney movies when I was little and still do!

  20. Linnea Says:

    Oh wow, You are a brilliant Artist, and this is just further proof of your amazing talent! Thank you so much for the beautiful pieces. 🙂

  21. Jelly Says:

    I can’t help but visit your blog everyday three weeks to see if you have a new work! Your ideas are amazing, and your creations continue to be my wall paper! I see Jennifer Aniston in Jane’s eyes! She looks like a character off Lost or surviver shows! Very well done on a jungle theme!

  22. Stargaze Says:

    This is quite realistic although I imagine her to look slightly older.

    Wow, the effort and time it must’ve taken you to produce such a work…

  23. sammycat Says:

    brilliant! this is my favorite one yet, she looks so real! 😀

    i know she’s not a disney princess but could u please please do amalthea from the movie The last unicorn? i can’t think of anyone who’d do more justice to it. 🙂

  24. Kimbwy Says:

    Wow, looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt! 🙂

  25. valeriesim Says:

    stumbled upon your blog.. amazing work, thumbs and toes up!

  26. Tess Says:

    I love these so much! I echo the others…please continue! I’d love most to see Wendy even more than Tinker Bell, and also Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron.

  27. I fall into a never ending glitter splash of love and peace the walls around me spin into luxury chocolate bars wrapped in violet bows fairies dance across the room and the world drips rainbow colors of midnight groovy vibes each of your posts is excellent and i love your blog Keep It Up X Mercury Moonshine Dutchess “Spreading Love Around The Dublin Streets Since the Full Moon Was Born” Lets spread love in Georges Arcade and Throw Glitter in the Patricks Parade

  28. Katlin Says:

    I know you said you wouldn’t do princes… but seriously if you did Aladin it would make my day… month… year lol.

  29. Wendy Says:

    She looks like Erin Karpluk!

  30. venxnev Says:

    Exquisite. What medium did you use?

  31. Touelle Says:

    These are really fantastic, i wonder, do you use a model when you draw?

  32. Leslie Says:

    I love it i think it really loks like her! Also I agree too with the other comments please please please do Lilo, Wendy, Kida, Ariel’s daughter Melody, Elizabeth Swan from pirates of the Caribbean , Tinkerbell, and Giselle from Enchanted. Please please please and thank you

  33. Paivi Says:

    Oikein onnistunut! 🙂

    Kivalla lailla erilainen kuin stereo-Jane!

  34. Tia Says:

    Wow! Once again great work! She looks wonderful, and alos i wouldn’t mind seeing the male versions as well, but only if you have time for that. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see your future paintings

  35. Omma Says:

    I think she looks a lot like Maggie Gyllenhaal (http://images.allmoviephoto.com/2008_The_Dark_Knight/2008_the_dark_knight_008.jpg).. but that’s a good thing.

    Ihan mahtavaa duunia. Kiitos mielettömästi näistä! 🙂

  36. agata Says:

    but I’m waiting for esmeralda from the hunchback of notre dame ;))))))))))))

    I love this blog anyway =)))

  37. Joyce Flores Says:

    WOW! I’m breathless! I’m an artist and I’m so amazed by your work. You captured their faces perfectly. Wow!!!!
    Is it really a photo manipulation? or Real Drawing? Coz I draw but I can’t tell if it is or it’s not…


  38. Pat Says:

    This series really is amazing. You’ve done incredible work. You really should look into what it would take for you to sell prints of these pictures. Certainly, these works are original enough that you shouldn’t have copyright issues. In fact, if some sharp-eyed Disney executive noticed your work, his/her best move would be to arrange to sell your prints in the Disney theme parks.

  39. Lioness Says:

    She looks just like Natalie Dormer.

  40. she looks like maggie gyllenhaal 🙂

  41. Love her, she looks somewhat like Maggie Gyllenhaal…I’d love to see Tinker Bell!

  42. Looks kinda like Jennifer Anniston

  43. Sara Says:

    siis Jirka ootsä suomalaine 😮 ? pakko vaan sanoo et olin iha MITÄ ku jossai luki et nää on suomalaisen tekemiä, nää on vaa nii kertakaikkisen upeita 😀 !

  44. Alisa Says:

    Hi!! I really adore your work!! The characters are so real, so representative!! keep on!! ^___^

  45. valerie Says:

    I love her! You should do the princesses with their princes, oh that would be so cute! Ive seen a few sites not crediting your work, I forgot the names, but you should look into that. You are so talented and no one should be stealing. Anyways, absolutely adorable, maybe next you should do WENDY from Peter pan!!!

  46. peacebeme Says:

    Gorgeous! I wish I could buy these prints!

  47. John Doe Says:

    you keep on doing these they’re turning out super awesome its nice to see a perspective on the Disney characters in a more real way

  48. John Doe Says:

    i’d love to see more of them,more of the Disney characters

  49. Marta Becerril Says:

    You are great at portraying the personality of these characters – the real life, deep layers of a person. It’s not easy to do this, and this is very very impressive. I agree with some other comments to take on the challenge of the Disney men. Good luck with this, it might be only a pastime but it is exposing your talent to lots of people.

  50. Mike Says:

    Please do tinkerbell! Wonderful. True artist.

  51. Alex Says:

    I think that Jane here is the most prettiest Disney character u’ve done…♥

  52. Nells Says:

    Oh my heavens. Your work is absolutely astounding and beautiful. All of it. Thank you for sharing this with the world! You’re AMAZING!!!

  53. hanna park Says:

    I think you hit jane just right! She is so adorable! WHY would Tarzan NOT want Jane! I admire your works and am constantly amazed at how amazing it is. I wish I had the consistency like to do it. I would love to but I have no creativity as much as I enjoy it so I know I would kill my love for it

    Anyways keep doing it and keep it up! I love it so much I’m seething with jealously yet at the same time I’m proudly showing it off even though I don’t know you!

  54. nanajoe Says:

    i’m so in love with Jane! what you created is amazing!

  55. Martha Says:

    It’s beautiful, do you have prints available for purchase? I would love to hang these in my daughters room!

  56. rheeyta Says:

    I do a bit of photography art too and I’ve got to hand it to you, YOU ROCK! I”m very stingy with praises but you wowed the hell outta me. Keep it up!

  57. Lindsey Says:

    Will you do Wendy and Tinker Bell next? Please 🙂 They are all so lovely!

  58. serenity Says:

    Upeita kaikki! 🙂

  59. You have fantastic work here. Bravo. Have you considered trying to recreate Zipporah from Dreamworks’ Prince of Egypt?

  60. sandra Says:

    Madeline Zima

  61. Laurrra Says:

    Siis ihan uskomattoman upeeta! Töitäi on todella ilo katsella, olet ihan mahdottoman taitava! Etenkin Disney-prinsessa fanina heti oli pakko tulla blogisi katsomaan kun äidiltäni sain vinkin, vau!

    Mielenkiinnolla odottaisin myös kyllä kuvia prinsseistä? 😉

  62. Glissy Vega Says:

    I saw your photo now! OK today from YAHOO. and I’M really speechless! I love your photo! Keep going!. One question for you! On Which princess you identify yourself?.

  63. Bekah Says:

    These are all so beautiful! Please, do Jasmine!

  64. Zeeda Says:

    Please do Ariel and Belle! :]

  65. monkkuapina Says:

    APUA, upeita! Melkein putosin sängyltä tuolle Janen kuvalle, ähh, sanat eivät riitä! Suosikkiprinsessani Jasmine, Esmeralda ja Pocahontas olivat niin kauniita ja tismalleen sellaisia kun he oikeassa elämässä olivat. Näyttivät niin aidoiltakin vielä että ihme kun eivät liikkeelle lähteneet kuvaa katsoessa, HP-tyyliin.
    Neljäs, ja itse asiassa varmaan suurin suosikkini Disneyn pimuista eli Meg oli kuitenkin ainoa joka jätti jotenkin kylmäksi. Yritin kovasti miettiä mikä siinä oli, koska ruumiinrakenne, hiukset ja hänestä muutenkin välittyvä fiilishän ovat ihan täyttä Megiä… Huuletkin ovat täydelliset Meg-huulet. Ehkä silmien ilme ei ole tarpeeksi tuima? En tiedä.
    Mutta kaiken kaikkiaan, aivan upeaa työtä, valokuvasikin ovat häikäiseviä! Fanin sait 🙂

  66. Gary Says:

    I think all of these are great; but when do we get the other side (i.e. the guys)? I think there’s a lot of interest in seeing renditions of Aladdin, Prince Eric, Prince Phillip, Hercules, Tarzan, Prince Charming, Peter Pan, Taran, John Smith, Jim Hawkins, Milo Thatch, The Prince (Beauty and the Beast), David (Lilo & Stitch), Phoevus (Hunchback), etc. Your photography work included men as well as women, so here’s my vote for some equal time.

  67. JohannaK Says:

    Wow! Mahtavaa! Fantastic! Me and my girls want Ariel 😉

  68. Becca Says:

    Beautiful!!!!!!! She’s just as I envisioned her! 🙂

  69. thaís Says:

    Halo, I’m from Rio de Janeiro – Brasil.
    Your work’s simply wonderful ! Congratulations!
    you’re on de right profession !
    It’s more than an ability, It’s skill !

  70. Elizabeth M Says:

    I love Jane’s expression! It’s like she’s doing a double take and almost about to say something like “wait… are you for real?!” or something along those lines… which is perfect!

  71. Djer Says:

    I think it’s the nose…there’s something really endearing about the nose. Spectacular work, I feel like this could be a photo. 🙂 Can’t wait to see more!

  72. Kata Says:

    Nää sun työs on vaan toinen toistaan upeampia! Ihailen valtavasti sun lahjakkuutta.

  73. daysinawagon Says:

    This is amazing! My daughter was able to recognize all the princesses! They are all so beautiful I can’t make up my mind as to who is my favorite! My daughter and I are loving em all! Excellent job!

  74. I bookmarked your blog and will always check it out. Could you also do a rendition of Roxanne in the movie Megamind? Thanks in advance. Keep up the great work!

  75. Katrina Says:

    I love these ❤ Such a great art. I noticed also a little bit of resemblance in the art and real-life actors (which would be actually really great if Disney did the animations as "real" movies): Jane [Natalie Dormer/Saoirse Ronan], Aurora [Kristen Bell], Rapunzel [Dakota Fanning/Elle Fanning] and Pocahontas [Tia Carrere] 😀

    • I also noticed Jane as Dormer and Pocahontas as Carrère, but not the others!, thank you! Rapunzel as Dakota Fanning is impressive but I am not so sure of Aurora as Bell: maybe some actress of years ago?… I sense I have already seen someone like Aurora but I can not remember… What do you think of Snowwhite as Anne Hathaway? Not that resemblance, of course, just an impression…
      By the way, my most compliments to Jirka! Keep on, we are waiting! 🙂

      • jirkavinse Says:

        I was not inspired by Dormer for Jane, but I must admit that there is something about this that reminds me of her! I don’t know if I would see Anne Hathaway as Snowwhite, cool idea though! And thanks for the comments 🙂

  76. abasourdi Says:

    Great pictures! 🙂

  77. Anne Joakinson Says:

    Loved your work!!! Just beautiful!!!!
    And how about the princes??? You just made me imagine them… hmmmm…
    Prince Philipe, and so many others…
    Would you take de challenge?

  78. Ana Says:

    Amazing artwork! I just stumbled upon your blog today and am blown away.
    I hope you do one of tinkerbell if you haven’t already.

  79. Stephane Says:

    Just amazing! She is so beautiful! I love your work! If you ever decide to sell prints, I know I’ll for sure be a buyer! 🙂

  80. rivaedtech Says:

    you are so talented baby 🙂 good job!! gbu!

  81. These are absolutely beautiful! You really captured all the spunk in their personalities perfectly.

  82. Saara Says:

    Love to see Belle from Beauty and the Beast! All these pictures are amazing! You’re super talented!

  83. Tito Says:

    Nice, but this just looks like simple manipulation of existing movie star photos

  84. pardicie Says:

    Haven’t read all the comments but I am waiting for Ariel. Please do her! : )

  85. emilypeiss Says:

    These are so lovely! You have an amazing talent and capture the personality so well. I know she is not Disney, but Anastasia would be fun to see also. Thank you for the beautiful artwork!

  86. emilypeiss Says:

    These are all so lovely! You have an amazing talent, and capture the personalities so well. I know she is not Disney, but Anastasia would be exciting to see also. Thank you for the beautiful artwork!

  87. Hanna Says:

    Kinda looks like Saoirse Ronan.

  88. ida Says:

    waude, ihan älyttömän hienoja kaikki prinsessakuvat! eipä mulla muuta, jatka sä vaan samaan malliin (:

  89. natalia Says:

    i’m waiting for princess kida 🙂

  90. CrazyS Says:

    She’s EXACTLY like Maggie Gyllenhaal, excellent work! 🙂

  91. All of the princesses are very beautiful. It’s a great work you did. My daughters love them so much, please give me a permission to put it in my blog. suhanti.posterous.com

    keep up the good job. bless you, Jirka. 😀

  92. anita pahlewi Says:

    looks natural..like ur creation.:)

  93. bintangzohra Says:

    I love all your Disney princess photos, I saw them all at Yahoo, congrats. Amazing, wonderful,..keep it on

  94. michele Says:

    hey your work is fantastic, how about your interpretation of the real life barbie??????

  95. Charles Says:

    She is beautiful, so are all the other ones ❤
    i think itwould be interesting to see your take on tarzan, herculesorsome of the male disney characters *hint hint* 🙂 just a thought keep up the AMAZING WORK xx

  96. Jary Says:

    Beautiful!!! Would you do Anastasia? She was technically a princess 🙂

  97. Kelsey-Belle Says:

    These are so amazing!!!! I simply cannot believe how great this one is. Love Jane. AND Belle, she’s my favorite character 🙂 Maybe try Kida? She would look so cool in your style.

  98. mari anjeli Says:

    Pretty! I thought she looked familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it..

    and then I realized…

    She does look like Jennifer Love Hewitt! 😀

  99. No end Says:

    A bit like Jennifer Aniston!

    Beautiful work. Your interpretation is kinda spot on. My favs are snow white, Ariel & Jasmine. Keep up the good work!

  100. camila Says:

    please please please please ariel princess mermaid please please

  101. Wow! The whole series is amazing! Did you look at photos original actresses by any chance?

  102. Cassy Julian Says:

    Is there any chance whatsoever that you’re looking to sell prints of any of these?! I’d love to put them in my daughter’s room so she can have real life strong women role models instead of the typical cheesy cartoons.

  103. These are absolutely fantastic! I love how you keep the original character while making her more realistic. WOW!
    Could I use your realistic Princess pictures on my blog for a blog post?
    Thanks so much!

  104. Clarissa Says:

    This is so beautiful! Could you maybe do Tinkerbell? You’ve already done all my favorites. You’re so talented.

  105. roselle Says:

    you’re a really talented artist. can you provide a video tutorial for this?

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thank you! I have never done tutorials before, so I would not know how to go about doing a good one, since my way of working is anything but straightforward. Also, I do not want to reveal all of my personal tricks if that makes sense ;D

  106. roselle Says:

    she looks like natalie dormer… (am i right, jirkavinse?)

  107. Lauren Says:

    I dont think Anastasia is disney, but watevs you should draw her:)

  108. Lauren Says:

    And you should draw the princesses with the guys and villains, in different scenes!

  109. Your work is really perfect.
    She looks with a actress.
    So real

  110. Amanda Says:

    Probably my favorite. This one is just perfect!

  111. anurag Says:

    i noe u hv read dis hundreds of tyms, but here goes- GR8 WORK!!!
    Wil u b kind enough to provide a tutorial for this?
    Text or video, dosen’t matter…
    😀 :-*

  112. Jenny Says:

    I just love how you actually pay close attention to their unique facial features which really brings them to life. According to what you’ve done so far, You should really look at Merida from Pixar’s new movie Brave, she might just be the newest Disney Princess! Merida has one the most interesting face designs I’ve seen and I’m extremely curious as how to bring her to life.

  113. Hey Jirka!
    Congratulations for your amazing work, it’s beautiful and lets me speechless. And what about Jane? Certainly one of my favorites! I was wondering, have thought about Anastasia? Well, just another suggestion.
    Congrats again!

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thanks! I have thought about Anastasia, but since she’s not a Disney character, I thought it would deviate a bit too far from what I’m doing here.

  114. Elin Says:

    love your drawings!! // the girl from sweden

  115. Cindy Says:

    She looks like Rashida Jones…

  116. Laura Says:

    Was this by any chance inspired by Amanda Crew?

  117. Meg Says:

    How long on average does it take to complete on of these pics?

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Hours… and hours. I don’t ever finish these on one go, so I usually work on these for days or even weeks. And of course it depends on the piece – some I might get right quicker than others.

  118. Mel Says:

    Really beautiful work !

    each one has an idea about who she looks like, but nobody has said Alyson Hannigan yet, however she was the first person I thought of when i saw the picture.

    Anyway, again, great work, I enjoy all your disney’s characters so much ! Congrats !

  119. SighYuki Says:

    Wow, all of your work is absolutely amazing, I’m just commenting on this one because it is the most recent 🙂 Seriously my mind had exploded at this, and although I know a little bit of photoshop, the idea of creating something like this just feels absolutely beyond me!! And yet I feel like trying again. Where did you learn how to do this?

  120. Nick Says:

    Is there anywhere that you say who you used as references for each of your real-life Disney princesses? I know I recognize a few of them and it’s driving me crazy!

    • jirkavinse Says:

      I do not just have one reference for these. I pick, mix and blend features of a lot of different people. So I often it does not make sense to name any references, since the outcome is not based on anyone in particular.

  121. Cassie Says:

    I actually know a girl who looks exactly like her, scary..

  122. Luis Carlos Says:

    I´m completely amazed by your work, it´s simply fantastic!! and this contrubition with Jane is even better than the marvelous previous ones. Congratulations!!

    I want to do something similar but not so photorealistic, I´ve oly finished three of them: pocahontas, esmeralda and ariel. They are in my photo album “the first time ever I saw your face”, just in case you are interested in that

    I can´t wait for your next piece or art to come!!

    thank you

  123. Iris Says:

    This is amazing! I saw your work everywhere! I hope you’ll make disney princes version too =]

  124. Brady G. Says:

    AMAZING AMAZING work!! Really exactly how they’d look in life! Now I challenge you to work on making the “princes” etc from Disney!! GREAT WORK! Keep it up!

  125. Getri Says:

    She’s like the Olsen twins

  126. […] Jane « Jirka’s BlogFeb 12, 2012 … Hey Jirka! I’ve been checking your works, they’re AWESOME! All of them… I started a graphic design course this year, and I’d like to tell you … […]

  127. Theo Says:

    hey I just came in here and I got to say im really impressed by your skill and talent, especially these disney pictures! Soo lifelike!
    By the way, is there any way to download or purchase a big copy of this picture? I just wish the size was bigger! 😀
    Keep up the amazing work!

  128. mike Says:

    OMG she’s beautiful! please work with Studio Ghibli characters next!

  129. Jay Says:

    I love your work. All of them look so real. She looks very much like cartoon Jane. She kinda reminds me of Alyson Hannigan, were you inspired by here?

  130. Ilaria Says:

    this is the top!
    is so similar to the movie… really… good work!!!

  131. Kelsey Says:

    All of them are excellent, but this is by far the best one of all of them!!!!Please do Belle (Beauty and the Beast) and Kida (Princess Kidagakash from Atlantis) next!!! And let us know how we can buy your prints!!

  132. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be
    waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

  133. martin Says:

    beautiful work :), why am i thinking of amanda bynes? 😛

  134. Sandi Says:

    I just found your work and am enjoying the Disney Princesses very much. OH, and your “created model” is beautiful, too.

  135. Jenna Harrington Says:

    She looks a bit like Erin Karpluk from Being Erica.

  136. fitrii Says:

    this the most i like, u really good make something like this ^.^

  137. yoshi Says:

    She is beautiful!
    I imagined a Miranda Kerr look for Jane for, but this is great!

  138. Matti Says:

    Hieno! J. Aniston on varmaankin ollut pohjalla?

  139. JP Says:

    She looks like Sharni Vinson (Step up 3)

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