November 11, 2011

She is finally here.

This is a continuation of my previous attempts to envision Disney characters in “real life”.

127 Responses to “Cinderella”

  1. dee Says:

    Love it! You are just too awesome!!

  2. Sash Says:

    I was wondering when you would do her :). I’m glad you finally did!

  3. Nícia Says:

    Like always, another great work. Congratulations!

  4. Jessica Lindamood Says:

    She’s perfectly exquisite and exquisitely perfect!

  5. annn0n Says:

    she looks kinda pissed off? I expected her eyes to be bigger and her nose smaller. just my opinion!

  6. M Says:


  7. Celio Souza Says:

    Beautiful!!! I’ll be pissed off too if left to clean the house… 😉 it’s perfect Jirka. Keep walking.

  8. Blood Faerie Says:

    Lovely. Looks a bit like Dianna Agron from Glee, to me. 🙂

  9. Mariel Says:

    looks freaking fantastic. This is probably my favorite…think you’re gonna do rapunzel any time soon?

  10. Sarah Says:

    Amazing! I know she’s not a Princess but I’m a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, I would love to see your thoughts of that!

  11. Ashley Rice Says:

    Your work is amazing! Such great interpretations. Will you be doing a rendition of Wendy (Peter Pan), Alice, or Tinkerbell?

  12. Ninni Says:

    I think she’s just wonderful!!

  13. Jelly Says:

    Oh my! She is too beautiful in the face! No wonder the step sisters envy her!

  14. Ezzy Says:

    Absolutely Stunning! Your artwork is fab! 😉
    I believe she is in thought of ‘really..” or “do I have to that, again…” expression, though, perhaps she maybe slightly irritated. This is how I picture Cinderella to be with a slight variation. Each to their own. Great work. ♥ Love to see more! xx

  15. D. T. Says:

    Awesome. I’m waiting for rapunzel. Anyone else you planning on?

  16. Sam. Says:

    I hope you will do the same for Alice, Wendy and Tinkerbell!

  17. Hina Says:

    Very beautiful!!!
    Please right(?) tangled(>_<)!!

    I am japanese…(english spel…:-(

  18. Dandi Says:

    Thanks you SO much! She is by far my favorite character and you did a GREAT job. Beautiful! Thanks again!

  19. Rodney & Angela Says:

    Me and my wife both grew up with Disney movies so we’ve both been really excited following your renditions. Best we’ve ever seen by far. Thanks for giving our child-like imaginations just a little more life.

  20. Lillian Says:

    Could you do rapunzel? These are great!

  21. Ali Says:

    What a great project! I can’t wait to see more.

  22. Victor Says:

    That’s cool. Could you try at least once male characters like this handsome guy?
    Image link:

  23. Jenna Bryson Says:

    How in the world do you create these? They are amazing. Are you working from real life models wearing costumes? I’m so curious (I perform as princess characters in my own real life).

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thanks! No, I’m not working from real life models wearing costumes. I start by creating the faces by picking, mixing, combining and blending features from various real life photos. The costumes are added later in a similar way with more emphasis on digital painting.

  24. Aubrey Says:

    I love this so much! She’s so perfect.

    Any chance you’ll be doing Rapunzel in the near future? I would just LOVE to see that. Oh my goodness.

    Your work is breathtaking, please keep it up.

  25. Melanie Says:

    She’s definitely my favorite so far!

  26. isabella Says:

    omgsh thats amazing shes my favorite disney princess you did well

  27. Maggie Says:

    Are you going to make their men real too? That would be sweet! I love all of these so keep them coming!

  28. She’s beautiful. Congratulation.

  29. michiko Says:

    she is gorgeous! those lips! wow!!! those eyes!!! beautiful!

  30. Your Disney Real Life renditions are simply superb. They just blew me away at how life like they are. You have an extraordinary gift. You definitely have to do more when time permits. I would love to see what Rapunzel would look like. Also any chance you would do any of the princes or rest of the evil villains? I would love to see Cruella Deville.

    Allyson; Phoenix, Arizona

  31. Lacee Brown Says:

    Is there anyway I could purchase or print these? I love all the Disney characters! I would love to have a collection!

  32. chloe garcia Says:

    bravo! 🙂 take your time! im loving the surprises! what other projects are you working on now since the disney is a bit of a side project now from school?

  33. nawal Says:

    i saw your works on yahoo and now im obsessed. you take amazing photos!

  34. nawal Says:

    is it just me or does she look like Diana Agron?

    • Vishwa Says:

      I just went through all of the cartoon pictures and compared them too what you drew and realized that you are soo right, this is definitely what they would look like in real life. And great job on cinderella, I feel like she mightve been the hardest because when i google imaged the pictures, i didnt see many facial specific things to go off of that the other disney characters had. Great work, cant wait to see what you got next.

      • jirkavinse Says:

        Yeah, that’s why it took me a while to get to Cinderella. I was more drawn towards characters with stronger features that I was inspired to portray. And thank you so much for the comment 🙂

    • Alexandra Says:

      It DEFINITELY isn’t just you. I totally agree, and noticed that right away.

  35. nawaldoe Says:

    CAN YOU DO RAPUNZEL NEXT?!!! i would be soooo happy if you do 😀

  36. Alexandra Says:

    AMAZING!!!! I love these pictures. Who will you be doing next?

  37. xodkx Says:

    You did this in photoshop? Did you manipulate an already existing picture of the character or a real person or both? or did you start from scratch?

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Yes, I did this in photoshop. I don’t really work with existing pictures of the characters. I use various pictures of real life people and then take elements from those to work on and manipulate in Photoshop. In a way you could say its from scratch since I don’t start from an existing composition, but work towards a vision of my own.

  38. acholt21 Says:

    I’m surprised no one has asked for Ariel. That’s my pick since you’ve done the others I like already. or Alice?

  39. Jordan Says:

    Beautiful! I vote Rapunzel now!!

  40. I love your work and would love to see more in the future. Especially Alice

  41. Cassaundra Says:

    This is amazing! I’m really looking forward to Rapunzel! She’s one of my favorite characters.

  42. Kenneth Says:

    You are awesome!!!! It so “REAL”, Maybe next time do some
    ” 3D” Pic…..wait you pic~~~

  43. Alex Says:

    te felicito por tu trabajo, es verdaderamente maravilloso.
    un saludo

  44. miacolvin Says:

    Absolutely amazing work! I especially enjoy this one. Thanks for bringing the beauty of Disney’s princesses to life.

  45. sefoije Says:

    Absolutely stunning as always, Jirka! Do you have a G+ page, if I may ask?

  46. TheBlackTwig Says:

    what are your next disney projects? can’t wait to see more of your work. 🙂

  47. Jamie Says:

    Your work always amazes me. I actually do have a request for other characters that don’t get too much attention. One of them would be Princess Kida from the movie Atlantis.

    I don’t actually know if you’re only doing princesses, but it would be awesome if you did Wendy, from Peter Pan. Then there’s Alice in Wonderland, Jenny from Oliver and Company, Jane from Tarzan, and Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. I know that you often do manipulation at a certain age range, but I just hope that you’ll put these in mind.

  48. Indrani Says:

    She’s lovely! When will you have Rapunzel as your next work, Sir?

  49. […] finlandais en design, Jirka Väätäinen, donne vie aux princesses de Disney dans ces manipulations de photos ridiculement incroyable. Il […]

  50. ThisPerson Says:

    She looks a bit like Dianna Agron

  51. Jenna Says:

    Princes! And gowns! I would love to see them dressed up! How bout some more
    Evil too!

  52. Lyndsey Says:

    Woah. Simply stunning. I’m always blown away by your work. And Cindy’s no exception. 🙂 Amazing job.

  53. Mallory Says:

    Looks amazing! How about Rapunzel, or perhaps Jane from “Tarzan?” That would be incredible.

  54. maggie Says:

    Aww Cindy looks so pretty here. She kind of looks like a younger Grace Kelly too.

  55. Ishtah Says:

    you look like you took a picture from jessica biel and grace kelly…..why dont you create ur own women instead of copying and pasting images togather….ur not very original

    • jirkavinse Says:

      I have not referenced either of those people. This is just my way of doing things.

    • Kimbwy Says:

      Hehehe, @Ishtah: I don’t see both in this image. You know, when you combine and create something, it always turns out to look like something that is already there. I mean, most plants are green, but each one is an original creation. Just sayin’

  56. Paivi Says:

    Vastaa mun mielikuvaani! 🙂

  57. Claire Says:

    looks a bit like Christina Applegate

  58. Robert Gimpp Says:

    Prince Charming P L E A S E ! ! ! 🙂

  59. Larissa Says:

    To me this is hands down Jennifer Garner. I love these princesses! Great job! Fun to guess whose body parts are whose. :]

  60. This is probably my favorite one. She looks so thoughtful. Amazing!

  61. Clara Says:

    I love how she embodies the character of Cinderella: gentle, humble, and beautiful. Great job!

  62. nikki Says:


  63. Tia Says:

    All the princesses look AMAZING!!! I love your work!

  64. Jess Says:

    Diana Agron, are you in there? So beautiful!
    I definitely vote Jane from Tarzan, and seeing the men would be wonderful too! This is a fantastic set for your portfolio, truly amazing! 🙂

  65. Liv Says:

    she’s beautiful! like all of them
    what about fern from charlotte’s web?

  66. Even without the smile I think you captured a deeper side of Cinderella. The side that thinks lol, she looks a bit pensive like her thoughts are so complicated we could never figure them out. At least that’s what I think haha and she still looks so sweet. Love it

  67. Gus Says:

    Jennifer Garner and Rachel McAdams look-alike..

  68. sae Says:

    hello from Japan.
    so amazing and beautiful!
    i want to see another pictures of cinderella!
    i hope you will upload them 🙂

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Hello, and thank you! Unfortunately, I won’t be doing several version of Cinderella, or any other character for that matter. But I hope I can find time for some new unique characters in the future!

  69. lilipadster Says:

    Beautiful! I would LOVE to see Kida, or Tinkerbell! Oh, and of course, Alice 🙂 Oh! Oh! And Ariel’s sisters along with Jane from Tarzan!!!!

  70. roselle Says:

    i would like to know whose pictures did you use for this because she kinda looks like diana agron and a hint of jennifer garner.

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Neither Diana or Jennifer were the inspiration here. In fact, this is one of the ones where I have not been heavily inspired by particular celebrities – it was more about working towards achieving my vision of the character.

  71. nora Says:

    Amazing work! Perfectly depicted! It’s funny how I can see some Kim Basinger in there… Perfect my friend!

  72. Daniella Says:

    Wow.. so beautiful how did you do that? i thought they were actually real people 😀 so awesome! love disney! thank you for bringing it to more to life i have see all of your others just one word..Beautiful keep up the amazing work! and good luck for the future

  73. Jane Says:

    Her face looks a lot like Renee Zellweger’s.. A lot.
    But you did an amazing job! I’m very curious to see Alice, since that’s my favourite Disney movie.. 🙂

  74. Sofia Says:

    This one is my favorite, beautiful!

  75. Manna Says:

    Jane, I agree. She´s Renees look-a-like.

  76. Becca Says:

    She reminds me of Quinn Fabray from Glee! I believe the actress’ name is Dianna Agron.

  77. Mishrav.Mikura Says:

    She has a resemblance to Taylor Swift. Or is it just me? Love your artworks ♥

  78. Brieana Says:

    My vote has to be for Cinderella. With lips like Rebecca Romijn.
    Out of curiosity, did you draw inspiration from Rebecca for Cinderella?

  79. Little Frog Says:

    beauty, classic, but looks real.. love it.. 🙂

  80. erin Says:

    she looks like jennifer garner to me!

  81. She looks like Dianna Agron (Quinn on Glee). 🙂

  82. Julie Rose Says:

    Looks like Juliette Lewis

  83. AlyD Says:

    She looks like Rachel McAdams!! Holy cow.

  84. Melissa K. Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to make these wonderful pieces of art. I love my Disney Princess, my favorite is Cinderella and you have done an amazing job on all of them. I also enjoyed Snow White, Aurora, & Ariel. Tinkerbell’s dress was so cool and the colors you used in Rapunzel, wow! I hope you continue to do what you want in your art, not what other people tell you. Artist tell their own story, that’s what makes art interesting! Good luck and thank you, M.K.

  85. Pahoua Moua Says:

    WOW!! Looks like Kate Bosworth!!!!!

  86. kibba Says:

    totally dianna agron.

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