October 28, 2011

Your wish is my command… Well not really, no, but after a lot of requests, here is Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. I was not as familiar with the character, so I personally did not have a strong perception of how to best portray her. Let me know if this any close to the way all of you would envision her too look like.

This is a continuation of my previous attempts to envision Disney characters in “real life”.

152 Responses to “Tiana”

  1. I love it. The bridge of the nose might be the tiniest smidgen too wide and I think her ears stick out a bit, but then I haven’t watched the movie in a few months and I can’t say I’ve ever paid attention to her ears. As always, fantastic job, though!! ❤

    • A. Says:

      I disagree with that. A lot of black women have a bridge of the nose that is that wide. Tiana is neither white nor biracial, so it would actually make sense for the bridge of her nose to be that wide.

      • juliancan Says:

        Not really, it was small in the film, almost Asian-like. That’s plausible, too, as her hair is not that kinky. Many Somalians have straight hair, and many Africans have small noses.

      • Tessa Says:

        If you see in a picture, she actually has a big nose, the animators just didn’t always make it clear.

      • Mommysaurus Says:

        My husband is East African (Kenyan), and my daughters (therefore biracial) still have the wide nose bridge. Also, if you’ve ever been to New Orleans, you’d notice that a lot of Creole women would have those same features and still have the slightly more “relaxed” curls that Tiana sports. She’d have fit in perfectly in the Crescent City. My only complaint is really that her dimples don’t seem to be right, but that could just be my crappy computer. o_0

  2. Jessica Lindamood Says:

    She is in the wrong dress. If you google her you’ll see she is in a leaf looking dress that is green and yellow. No one will recognize her without it. The pose is perfect and so is the model and her smile. Just not the outfit.

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thanks, for the comment. Yeah, I do know the dress. But you might be able to tell from my previous work that I am not too into the princess dresses and prefer to portray the characters in their casual outfits.

    • Yassmin Says:

      this is not the wrong dress, it’s her waitress outfit

      i do not own this picture.

    • Lyndsey Says:

      No, this is the correct outfit. The princess dress doesn’t match Tiana’s personality. Her waitress dress is more accurate to her personality, and I think it makes the picture seem even more lifelike (this is probably my favorite picture to date, though I still LOVE Aurora and Esmerelda). Anyone who has seen The Princess and the Frog will easily be able to recognize her.

      • Jessica Lindamood Says:

        You didn’t read my later comment =) I didn’t realize the concept the artist was going for until he better explained his concept and goals.

    • Melanie Says:

      My 3.5 year old daughter recognised her as “princess and the frog!” so I guess people can recognise her in the dress.
      Beautiful photo, I have had a quick browse through your site and your photos are wonderful x

  3. Jessica Lindamood Says:

    (no copy right, I did not do this picture)

    Also the background should be a swamp fade or have a bayou feel to it.

  4. Ella Says:

    I really love your work! I am a huge Disney fan and I thing what you’re doing here is really amazing. I also love how you portray the characters from their “casual” side, something most people don’t usually do. So thank you very much!!! I hope to see more soon 🙂

    By the way, she looks just as I would have imagined her!

  5. cookie Says:

    she is beautiful. good job

  6. giulio Says:

    I’ve talk about you on dailybest.it, you miss Cindarella and Snow White. 🙂

  7. Yassmin Says:

    this is absolutely perfect.

  8. J Says:

    I believe that this is a beautiful portrayal of Princess Tiana! This is captivating, as is Esmeralda’s picture! I see no issue with the bridge of her nose, and when studying women of our descent, the bridge can often be misconstrued…I would love to have a full print of this picture and Mulan too!! Beautiful!

  9. Oh wow!!! I love this!
    I wonder how you would portray Cruella D’Vill and Maleficent (villain from Sleeping Beauty)… I am into the villains! Haha…

    Also, Cinderella and Alice… I dunno…

    Your art is amazing! WOW!
    Keep up the outstanding work and congrats!

  10. Destiny Says:

    Your work is absolutely amazing! I am so happy to have stumbled across your portrayals of these Disney girls I’ve been following all my life! I am a huge Disney fan and this is amazing to me! When I first saw your work earlier this week Tiana was not yet included, I googled you (well actual yahoo’d) in hopes that I would find some more princesses and much to my surprise you’ve added Tiana to your list! Also to add to my excitement I’ve read that you are working on Snow White, that was my biggest request! If you could possibly squeeze out a Cinderella some time it would be much appreciated! The site I saw earlier included Ariel, you should put her on this page as well for those who may not have had the pleasure of seeing it! Best of luck to you and your talent, and keep up the magnificent work!

  11. Destiny Says:

    Oh sorry I checked out your manipulated portfolio and found Bell Ariel and Ursula! Once again, beautiful job!

  12. Jessica Says:

    I just discovered your work.. Amazing! Your portrayal of the characters is exactly how I would think they would look in real life.
    One suggestion… You should do Rapunzel from Tangled. 🙂

  13. melanie Says:

    love it – and completely recognizable. i think i pictured her a little more mature looking, but that’s just me. the dress is perfect. what a great series you’re doing. thank you!

  14. elysse Says:

    id love to see your rendition of the evil queen from snow white, ive always thought she was interesting to look at. that would be very cool to see.

  15. Lynsey Pape Says:

    Very nice! Please do Tinkerbell and Rapunzel next. =) That’d be awesome! My friends tell me that I look like Tink. 😉

  16. Monica sergeant Says:

    Please contact for purchasing of one of your paintings. Monicasergeant@gmail.com

  17. kelly Says:

    I love all your Disney Princess work so far! My favorite is Princess Jasmine!! She look so sexy!

    Wonder if you could portray Disney Prince, too!! Really want to know what would Aladdin and Flynn(from Tangled) look like in real life!

  18. Nícia Says:

    I’m loving this project of yours! Could you do the “bad girls” too? Ursula was so perfect!

  19. Christy Says:

    These are so great!

  20. serena Says:

    wow i think this is amazing! i highly admire your work. and i really love the fact that you dont actually remake them with their princess clothes. because in real life they wouldnt have extravagant princess dresses.
    again just want to stress… AMAZING!!

  21. chloe garcia Says:

    i agree on the maturity. My only suggestion to change is the ears and the eyes but you did a wonderful job! So very much like the character! This must be stressful with so many projects at hand. Take your time! Don’t fail in school! Ha, you’re going places remember? Surprise us 🙂 don’t feel overwhelmed, we are just all so fascinated by our childhood models that we can’t wait for the next one. That’s part of the big surprise though isn’t it? Anxious and then SURPRISE! Really though, take your time 🙂 I’m enjoying these over and over. P.S. I would love to see about purchasing these also 🙂

  22. E Says:

    Beautiful work! You should consider printing and selling your art. I’ll bet there’s a lot of little girls who would love a “real live” princess gracing their bedroom walls rather than a cartoon image.

  23. Ideas:
    Snow White
    Jane (Tarzan)

    Also, if you ever decide to do non-disney princesses:
    Kida (Atlantis)
    Odette (Swan Princess)

    Thanks! This is really awesome by the way!

  24. Ronni Says:

    She’s stunning. Thank you.

  25. Mania Says:

    U re amazing! U planned to draw snow white? :3 that would be so nice!

  26. Hanna Says:

    You should definitely do Princess Kida from Atlantis, there isn’t much out there about her and she would an interesting character to make and she’s so beautiful!

    • Destiny Says:

      Oh wow that’s a great idea! I didn’t even think about Kida, she would probably make for a very interesting piece! Would love to see it!

    • mifi Says:

      I totally agree! I think she would be BREATHTAKING in real life.

      Also, I loved Atlantis. :3

  27. Kelsey Says:

    i encourage you to watch the movie just once. you might get a better idea of her character. this shows she is all smiles and sunshine when that isn’t it at all. it took most of a movie to get her there. she is serious and determined to the point of ridiculous. on a side note, i love your work and what you are doing. some are better than others, but it was well put together and thought out. 😀

  28. Mariana Says:

    Your art is amazing. I love it.
    I’m curious to see Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.
    I’m curious to see your next art.


  29. Melanie Says:

    I think that’s REALLY good. Also, I second Peter Pan and Tinker Bell if you find the time in the future. Also, you seem like such a gracious person. Happy Halloween.

  30. Kathy Says:

    Amazing work!! I love it.

  31. Ashley Callin Says:

    Okay, so i grew up completely in love with these characters, its sort of a joke between my mother in law and myself that i look just how she’d picture snow white, so i absolutely cannot wait to see how your version of Snow White comes out. Thank you so much for doing these, it made me go back and watch all the movies again, i’d almost forgotten how much i loved them.

  32. Ashley Callin Says:

    no, but from an artistic perspective i commend you for taking on characters so well loved and so well known, Its very brave,know ing that people are going to be sticklers for every single detail… and i have to say- the results are amazing!! what first made you decide to do them?

  33. daniel Says:

    I’m delightfully waiting for a SNOW WHITE one!!!

  34. Livia Says:

    Your work is so perfect!! I cant wait to see Snow White!! Please, let her be the next! =)

  35. Guest Says:

    Your work is great! I would be very grateful if you also made some Disney’s male characters 😉

  36. M Says:

    OH WOW!! I was one of the one’s that requested her!!! THANK-YOU SO MUCH it looks perfect!!! thank-you so much!!! 🙂 I’m such a huge fan!!!!! …..can’t wait to see what’s next Snow white….thumbelina…cinderella????

  37. M Says:

    It’s funny because she sort of favors the actress that played the voice of the character….:)

  38. charlie H Says:

    the picture is beautiful; however it seems like the center for the face is a lil off or low idk I really suck at drawing but i just get this weird feeling. I love it though !! glad they finally made a dark princess 🙂

  39. I like it. I’d say her nose is a tad too big, mostly exacerbated by her eyes being necessarily shrunken from her cartoon counterpart. Her ears also stick out a little much, but otherwise another great work. Really can’t wait for Snow White!

    Another Belle (just cuz I have a cartoon crush on her)

    And for extra fun-
    Pinnochio with Jiminy Cricket
    Evil Queen in her Old Hag form (Snow White)

    Also, I wanna applaud you for sticking to their casual clothes over the dresses! I much prefer them that way myself.

  40. Scott Says:

    These are awesome!!! Please please do Repunzel from Tangled!!!!! Or all of the Incredibles if you want a challenge!!

  41. Kristin Says:

    It’s perfect! You’re amazingly talented, I love it!

  42. Alli Says:


  43. Maria Says:

    I think you’ve really got the likeness down on this one. Out of all your Princesses(who are all gorgeous), Tiana resembles the original the most. Even her pose is highly characteristic. Now, I’m eagerly awaiting a Rapunzel, Jane and Cinderella! And after that, if you get the time and are still interested, I think everyone would LOVE your take on the Disney guys!! It would be so cool. Eric, Adam, John, Philip, Charming, Naveen and OMG Flynn Rider!! Aaa!!

  44. Mikalah Says:

    Could you PLEASE do Rapunzel?

  45. MaesieLou Says:

    I think it’s perfect! Rapunzel, yes! And maybe Ariel, even though mermaids are fake! 😀 Your work is spectacular!

  46. Shahira Says:

    You are so talented, keep it up!

  47. ym Says:

    this is my favourite i think, it looks so life like!
    i think she looks like Willow Smith 🙂 wish i could draw like this 🙂
    Beautiful ^_^

  48. ym Says:

    omg reading on one above :O Jane from Tarzan would be nice and maybe Wendy 🙂

  49. Quel travail formidable. On croirait les rencontrer dans la rue tous les jours. Merci

  50. Claire Says:

    Love it! … looks like Meagan Good

  51. kreyola Says:

    She is perfect!!! I just became a follower. Thanks for sharing your works!!!

  52. Lakecia Says:

    She is beautiful like all of the other princesses.

  53. Jillian Says:

    It’s perfect. If you’re not familiar with the story then you’re really good. Almost disturbingly good. The voice of the character was Anika Noni Rose and they based quite a bit of the look on her too. Your rendering looks nearly identical to her, as though you characterized a picture. For those that don’t know, she was the third singer often overlooked in the movie Dream Girls.

  54. Liliana Says:

    I LOOOVVVEEE these!!!! 🙂 Amazing! and yes I would love to see Jane from Tarzan!! :)))

  55. stephanie Says:

    You capture princess Tiana perfectly. THe only thing i notice was her ears stick out alittle bit and maybe texturize her hair more like not a fro just alittle more curly.Dont change the nose please. Alot of people forget the or ignore alot the obvious characteristics of being black. As myself being a proud black women, dont give her biracial or white features.

  56. Tia Says:

    Like all the other’s Tiana is beautiful!! I am becoming a huge fan of your work! Also Alice from Alice in Wonderland would be cool to see.

  57. PrincessSocialJustice Says:

    Princess Tiana = Danielle M. Truitt!!! (Danielle is the body for Disney’s Princess Tiana and she is forever beautiful with her humble self!).

  58. Beautiful! Great job! I’m so glad you did a representation of her.

  59. Jess Says:

    This is spot on, absolutely stunning!

  60. Malanb Says:

    I love your work. Will you have prints of this in the future?

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thank you! But unfortunately I am not selling prints of these at the moment since I am afraid that there might a copyright issue with the Disney brand. I will keep you posted if I find a way to go about selling prints!

  61. Jamia Says:

    I like this picture of Princess Tiana… You did a wonderful job (as you do with all of your pictures)… This depiction, however, does bare a strong resemblance to the woman who does the voice of Princess Tiana in The Princess and the Frog (Anika Noni Rose)… Still a great job!

  62. Shavontia Says:

    It’s pretty awesome! She looks like the actress that portrayed her voice, Anika Noni Rose. So I’d say a pretty dead on rendition!!

  63. tina Says:

    I like the picture however her ears are sticking out way too much, but other than that I think you did a great job capturing the first African American princess : )

  64. Lorrie Says:

    I just saw your work on yahoo, it was great, then I saw in the comments how you have a blog with Tiana’s photo and I had to come see it. Although I love your other work, which seems to capture the whimsical beauty and innocence of most of the Disney characters, I have to say I was dissapointed by this one. I know this art is YOUR depiction or interpretation of her natural and “real” beauty and this is your right. As a “nationally recognized” artist the one black Disney character on your list seems lacking somehow, although the yellow dress is bright, her expressions is great and she is poised oh so perfectly -when I first saw the pic I thought of “The HELP” not Tiana. Sorry, your other works are great though.

  65. Nathalie Says:

    I think Princess Tiana looks beautiful! The first time I saw this drawing, she reminded me so much of the actress Brandy Norwood. I could see the resemblance in the overall facial features–particularly the smile and eyes are a lot like Brandy’s. =]

  66. Freddie Says:

    I think she could be a lot prettier. You paint beautifuly. But you might want to work on her forehead, ears, and nose. She’s creol so they have slender faces and gorgous fair caribbean skin tone (not all but some). But all your work is absolutely brilliant.

  67. Fantastic. I recognized Tiana instantly even before I saw her name though that may be due to the fact that she’s Disney’s only black princess. Man you’re the best.

  68. omahree Says:

    cute face and pose but she’s a princess not a waitress. she was a waitress for maybe the first 20 minutes. her green dress is the iconic Tiana dress. thanks for trying though and i think her nose is perfect.

    • CrimsonCorona10 Says:

      She was also a frog for almost the entire movie. Her work in the restaurant is a vehicle for her personality and the outcome of her goals and dreams.
      Remember after she got married and became a princess, she still got her restaurant.

  69. Ha wow! You are very talented here, keep up the amazing work. =) I do agree with the comments about the nose, but honestly if no one had mentioned it, I probably wouldn’t have noticed haha. I love her smile, I think it’s so very Tiana and that you captured it beautifully even though you mentioned not being very familiar with the character. Great job!

  70. angela Says:

    THIS IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!! Myself and one of the strongest critics agree. My 6 year old daughter is obsessed with Disney anything. This one and Jasmine , and Mulan have her vote for awesome. Bella says, in a word, “PERFECT”. You totally captured TIANA. She is your biggest fan. Thank you

  71. CK Says:

    Looks just like her, in my opinion!

  72. Armando Says:

    This is really amazing; not only this, but all your works on Disney Princesses. Its great that you managed to show in your work your goals and ideas for these works

    The girls all look their accurate ages and they all have the features that made them memorable and associated with Disney characters, such as the eyes and facial features that give them that “cuteness.”

    For not being too familiar with this princess, I think you did a superb job in recreating her, good job again

  73. sam Says:

    She still looks cartoony. Tiana looks like a female version of Will Smith. Or just like Willow Smith.

  74. Alanna Says:

    You are more than talented, bravo* and I’m glad you did Tiana as she is often overlooked for the older princesses. I think you captured her so well she kind of reminds me of Kelly Rowland a little bit.

    I just want to say with regards to the nose, I think what’s throwing people off its the fact that the bridge is high/raised while still being broad. Many people (of African descent) with broad noses tend to have lowered bridges with raised nostrils. I also think thats what they were trying to aim for in the movie.

    In no way is it criticism I hope you do not take that way, just a friendly observation. All in all wonderful work!

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thank you – and for the valid observations as well 🙂 I did try to go for a lowered look for the bridge as well, but that was rather hard to capture from a ‘front on’ perspective.

  75. Elizabeth Says:

    I think Tiana looks like a cross between Brandy and Will Smith’s daughter Willow…

  76. Manda Says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with wide noses… it’s just that because of the media, everybody is trained to believe that skinny, taller noses are the ‘norm’ and ‘pretty’.

    African people usually do have wider/shorter noses, just like many Asians have have smaller/flatter noses. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just how they are, and they’re beautiful.

  77. Wow, what an amazing job! I really enjoy seeing the pictures of the princesses. Tiana and Rapunzel are my two favorites right now. 🙂

  78. ashlei Says:

    she’s beautiful! great job.

  79. S Says:

    She looks a lot like Gabrielle Union, in my opinion. Stunning work, and I especially love her hair and the textures on her dress.

  80. lucy Says:

    These are beautiful! There was another post on Yahoo that showed the same concept… Disney princesses in real life. Can you do the rest if you have time? My favorite princesses are: Belle, Ariel, and Jasmine. But I do like the non-traditional ones like Esmeralda, Meg, Mulan, and Pocahontas too 🙂

  81. Mark Says:

    While its good there is just something that doesn’t feel right. It might seem like an odd comment but she doesn’t feel like she is from New Orleans. There is a quality about the people down here, especially thoughts that work in the quarter, that she doesn’t seem to have. She feels like she is from up north. I’d love to see your depiction of her after you see the film.

  82. Jon'sha Says:

    Loved her && Jasmine the best ! Face is perfect…Really makes us imagine more ! Keep it up && would love to see some men now :~))

  83. Anna Says:

    What is the possibility of your doing a Disney *prince* set? That would be quite lovely(:

  84. Sara Says:

    These Disney Princess images are beautiful!!! But WHERE is Sleeping Beauty/Aurora??!!!!!!

  85. Alina Says:

    Loove love love this one, she’s perfect ! 🙂 I love Esmeralda too & Jasmine

  86. Devin Says:

    Quite pretty. I can see that you weren’t as familiar with her character, there’s a sort of disjointed quality to her face. I would imagine that came from a hesitation in how to proceed. Either way she’s just as gorgeous as all your others. Your work is amazing!

  87. NeilRas Says:

    You did a wonderful job with this. However I think you should do the Disney men. And see how that turns out.

  88. Yvette Says:

    Reblogged this on Precious Junk and commented:
    I love these photo manipulations of Disney characters as real people. This one’s Tiana.

  89. Tisha Says:

    She is very beautiful and thanks for doing it. In the U.S., it was a big deal when Disney created the first black princess b/c most little African American girls had never thought there could be a black princess so for her to be included in your portfolio is a great thing. Keep up the good work. You are an amazing artist. Cheers!

  90. Abby Says:

    Wow. I love it. Just love it. It’s literally like she just stepped out of the movie into the real world…

    I am in awe of your amazingness! Could you do one on Princess Merida from Brave? I just need to see more of this amazingness!

  91. laureen Says:

    Wow…I’m amazed. great job. She looks just like the voice actor for her charecter, Anika Noni Rose.

  92. She looks just like Tiana. This is truly amazing. I love it all hair, nose, ears, dress etc. All the princess’ look absolutely amazing.

  93. Esprit-follet Says:

    I think this one is the most recognizable. Looks just like the cartoon.

  94. Kyra Says:

    Wow. This is incredible! She looks beautiful! Honestly I can’t see the disappointment some are having?? I JUST watched the movie and you nailed the ears ON POINT. They actually do stick out like that! I think its people just didn’t realize since she IS a frog for 80 of the movie! Nice work!

  95. Kyra Says:

    80% is what I meant

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