October 22, 2011

How could I stop creating these with this overwhelming response to my work? So here comes Mulan!

This is a continuation of my previous attempts to envision Disney characters in “real life”.


Use coupons and watch Mulan again.

167 Responses to “Mulan”

  1. Dan Says:

    Amazing stuff. I’m sure you’ve been asked this, but do you sell prints of theses?

  2. claudia Says:

    Hahah omg this is amazing! Please keep doing this because your work is incredibly beautiful and everyone there on my blog is loving it! We are waiting for mooooooar! Yay!

  3. Zach Says:

    Please make more! These are breathtaking!

  4. trebez Says:

    These are phenomenal! Please keep them up!

  5. kathiepie Says:

    I love Mulan! I love the movie… I really think you should include their sidekicks… all of them have a little animal friend! Like the dragon or Pocahontas and her hummingbird. They’re beautiful, well done. Is Snow White anywhere?

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thanks! A good idea, but I’m more fascinated by the human characters and the way I imagine them to look like outside the cartoons 🙂 I’m currently trying to find inspiration for Snow White, but have not started working on her yet.

  6. Catherine Says:

    WOW she’s beautiful.
    could you please please please do Alice in wonderland?

  7. Isa Says:

    You truly are incredible! 🙂

  8. Karrijini Says:

    awesome! We want more!! hope to see Wendy, Jane, and Lady Mariane (would it fit in the challenge since it’s a fox? 🙂

  9. kennetht Says:

    keep do it~~~~i so love you’s Painting

  10. Tabbi Says:

    May I humbly request Alice and Tiana? I know Alice is not officially a Princess, but she is a quintessential Disney heroine!

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Sure you can! We will see if I can find the time some day. And my work is not just limited to the princesses, so there’s no reason why I could not consider doing Alice 🙂

  11. Lauren Says:

    Your work is amazing!!! I sincerely hope you continue with the Disney Princess work. And perhaps you will even expand to other animated works; such as Hayao Miyazaki’s wonderful wonderful films. 😀

  12. Definately your best!!! I can almost touch her smooth skin!!! Amazing shading!

  13. Lisa Says:

    You’re a genius! The princesses look Amazing! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  14. blackglass Says:

    Goooooorgeous work. The translation from animation to “real life” is flawless–that is exactly how I imagine Disney Mulan to look like if she were an actual person. I’m curious, do you use any references or models or do these gorgeous women come straight out of your imagination? How long does it take you to do these?

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thank you 🙂 I am inspired by real people and their unique features, of course combined with what I would personally imagine the girls to look like. And it does take hours 🙂

  15. KateGrand Says:

    Rapunzel from Tangled? You are very talented. Love from Canada.

  16. tonya Says:

    I agree with all the comments; your pictures are amazing! I would love to see any characters besides the princesses as well. (Ursula was super! It would be interesting to see some male characters too. Have you considered doing renditions of any of them?) I look forward to seeing any of your new creations in the future! Thanks for sharing your talent 🙂

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thank you 🙂 I started with Ursula, so it’s not that I’m only drawn to the princesses. But I must say I’m less interested in recreating male characters, so I think I might focus on the females Im afraid 😛

  17. ana Says:

    Fantastic! That’s really great, will you do Tiana from the Princess and the Frog? And it will be cool with some of the Hercules characters like the Medusa girl. And there’s Lilo, she would be so cute!

  18. Hery Park Says:


  19. Jess Says:

    These are amazing. I lovvvve your interpretation of Ariel especially. Hoping to see Cinderella soon?! 🙂

  20. Ninni Says:

    Hello Mulan! She looks so young and gorgeous!!

  21. Ninni Says:

    PS, can’t wait ´til you come to Rapunzel ❤

  22. violet Says:

    Love all of them you are Awesome!! ^,^

  23. glup0 Says:

    wow I really liked that one! congrats for your job! 😀

  24. MTB Says:

    Please tell me you’re going to do a Snow White and Cinderella?

  25. cara Says:

    Just lovely! Please do Princess Tiana !

  26. Lisa Says:

    I just discovered your blog today, you are incredibly talented! Thanks for sharing your gift with us. I would really love to see your interpretation of Tiana!

  27. Lisa Says:

    Oh yes, I forgot to say — I would be interested in prints if you were to make them available 🙂

  28. crissy Says:

    Cant wait to see rapunzel and cinderella!!

  29. I am in absolute awe at the work you’ve done in this series thus far. I mean, I don’t even have the words. The depictions are, in a way, disconcerting as they break the proverbial Forth Wall in the most visual of mediums, and yet, they’re so gorgeous as to be enthralling. Also, congratulations on the article at Your work is well worth the praise.

  30. Mandy Says:

    No fault of yours, as she looks sartlingly like the cartoon character made real, but she looks more Japanese. Silly Disney…

    These are incredible!

  31. joe Says:

    Wow. These are really great! My daughter has asked to see Tiana, and Tinkerbell….just on case you take requests.

  32. Beldar Says:

    You’re likely to get a tsunami, many tens of thousands of page-views.

    If you haven’t, look into advertising IN A HURRY, because you might want to capture this opportunity.

    I think you’re amazingly talented. I’m a fan of sexy pin-up art in general, but the way you’ve caught, and then re-interpreted and projected, the amazing attitudes of these fictional cartoon characters is dazzling. Congratulations on your work, and your talent, and thank you for sharing it!

  33. […] here’s more from Finnish graphic designer, Jirka Vinse Jonatan […]

  34. amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!!……’ve captured the characters so beautifully!!!!…they are truly incredible..:)

  35. Katie Says:

    I found your blog through 22 Words. Your work is very impressive! Please keep it up–and if you take requests, I’d love to see Cinderella and her prince! 🙂

  36. Hannah Says:

    Wow~ you are talented! you should try doing male characters too~ I hope you get famous for this!hahaa, maybe you’ll end up signing a contract with disney or some sort!

  37. Jocelyn Says:

    These are very cool. Could you please do the first African American princess, Tiana. And my favorite – Cinderella? 🙂

  38. Tierney Says:

    THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!! But… where’s Snow White? 😀

  39. Michael Marfell Says:

    Wow. From one artist to another, your work is outstanding. A modern day Leonardo!

    Well done!

  40. jameskocian Says:

    get ready for a flood of visitors. increase your bandwith….you are the 1st story on yahoo!!

  41. Skye Says:

    When are you going to do cinderella

  42. Alli Says:

    Absolutely incredible! Do you plan on making more of these? Snow white, Cinderella, Princess Tiana etc? I’m obsessed! 🙂

  43. Jirka wins! Finish him! (or her)

  44. You should totally do Tiana next!!!

  45. Alexandra Says:

    Just a friendly suggestion… do you think you could do a realistic Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas? That would be so neato!

  46. Melanie Says:

    Hi! I found you on yahoo. These are awesome! Keep up the good work!

  47. Noble Ann Says:

    Please make prints; I want them for all over my house. True art must be hanged.

  48. Flower Face Says:

    I am blown away by your work! I especially love Ariel. She looks so sprite-like, which is how I imagine her! Aurora and Pocahontas are favorites for me as well, but all of the images are incredible. Do you use human models coupled with photo manipulation to create your images?

  49. Sara Says:

    I really want to see Snow White and Alice!

  50. Eryn Landry Says:

    can you make princess Tianna too 😀 i love your work

  51. Magenta Johnson Says:

    Hi! I saw your work with the Disney princesses on amazing job. Please keep it up!

  52. MochaHautee Says:

    These are beautiful! I would totally be interested in prints! PLEASE do Cinderella and Princess Tiana next!! Oh and Snow White!

  53. kacey Says:

    These are soo wonderful! I, like most little girls did when they were little, have always wondered what these characters would look like in real life. You did them justice and then some. Your work is amazing! I could stare all day at these portraits of the (now real life) women I wanted to grow up to be when I was little. PLEASE keep up the beautiful work!!! It would be an injustice to the little girl in all of us if you didn’t! I’m a big fan! Oh, and jasmine is my favorite!

  54. valentyna Says:

    Wow! Your work is great! You should REALLY make some more disney princess ones, they looks so much like the cartoons its kinda scary! Please make more!

  55. Tania Lissette Says:

    Please make the little mermaid 🙂

  56. John Says:

    Please do more disney characters!

  57. Steffanie Says:

    These are absolutley amazing. I too have always wondered about the looks of these diverse women if they were real. I feel that the essence of each varying ethnic group and nationalitiy is beautifully represented. These have certainly won my heart. I’d love to see Snow White though. I’m sorry I’m sure people are annoying you with requests like that but I simply meant it as a comment. She’s always been my favorite since I was one year old. You’ve certainly touched many generations of disney fans with these. Much love

  58. ElephantMan Says:

    Wow. Great work. I know you’re flooded with suggestions but how about Jenny and/or Fagan from “Oliver and Company” – since that’s the only Disney animated feature Seth in modern times.

  59. Alex Tan Says:

    Awesome series! Keep it going

  60. Wow!!!! So impressive and you seem so nice, not conceited at all although you obviously have an enormous amount of talent!

    If you found time I think the men from the Disney movies would also turn out awesome. Examples: John Smith, Aladdin, Prince Eric, Beast (as a human) etc!

    Thank you so much for sharing these amazing creations with us!!

  61. dltindle Says:

    I adore Mulan… and I love how you portrayed her here. She is innocent and sweet yet fierce and tough. Bravo!

  62. Jeyna Grace Says:

    My friend posted this pic on facebook, and she said it looks like me. Well.. honestly, it does. LOL!! I could show you a picture of myself and you can compare? hahaha.

  63. Synxmax Says:

    Amazing Work , After All We See Some Talented People Alive , These Years Are Copy Paste Years Of Art , But You Show Some Unique Art Which Is Fun , Thanks You ,

    Keep Up Good Work

  64. James Says:

    When I came upon u on Yahoo! I knew I would be looking at interesting art work but when I saw ur Mulan, she was what won me over! Being chinese myself, I can really picture this being the hero I admired for the last decade!

  65. Alan Scott Says:

    These are great! Have you thought of doing other media like financials or japanime?

  66. These are all so amazing! I can’t wait to see more!

  67. William Lo Says:

    You are the best artist ever!!

  68. mersedes Says:

    Please!!! Make Princess Tiana!!

  69. Gabbie Says:

    AMAZING! Probably my favorite so far! Please do more! You’re artwork is beautiful 😀

  70. Ellie Says:

    Someone posted a link for these on facebook, and I’m seriously impressed, changing a cartoon into a real person while keeping the overall feel for the character is difficult, and deserves a lot of recognition.

    For me, Mulan was always a great favorite and probably the first Disney movie I really liked a lot. Though I will second some others in hoping you’ll consider Rapunzel from Tangled! That movie also stole my heart! Other suggestions are Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, and Coraline from Coraline 🙂

    Keep up the amazing work, it’s always wonderful when an artist gets true appreciation for their work, too many artists are under-appreciated for their hours of work!

  71. Laetitia Says:

    It’s amazing ! You are very talented ! It’s a pleasure for the eyes. And you, which princess do you prefer among all your creations ?

  72. Mason Says:

    You are an amazing talent and i’m really pleased for you (that you are becoming recognized). Please continue with the Disney theme if you can! I’d love to have some Disney princes’ in there as well. 😀

  73. amiruljepara Says:

    i just wanna say… amazing.. 🙂

  74. Rachel Says:

    Amazing!! Please keep them coming!!

  75. LIZ Says:

    Wow! That’s absolutley amazing. You got her just right! May I make a couple requests? Jane from Tarzan? Tinkerbell? Anastasia? Kida from Atlantis? Jessie from Toy Story? The character from the Incredibles? Boo? I know some of those aren’t PRINCESSES, but still. Those aren’t as popular as some requests, but it would be amazing to see them. Also, I loved the way you did Ursela. Could you do other villens? Like the Evil Queen? Queen of Hearts? Madam Medusa? Cruella De vil?

    LOL I know that’s a lot, but…. just a few ideas

  76. Lexi Says:

    Your work is really beautiful and inspired ^^ I just read about your Disney images in an article in the Korean newspaper. Keep up the great work! I love Mulan but my favorite is Snow White, maybe you could give her a shot next ^____^

  77. Jessica Says:

    The first thing I thought of when I saw this was Agent Lee from NCIS. Anyway, I love your work. They really do look like the disney princess in real life. The newly added Tiana is amazing as well. Can’t wait to see who will come next. 🙂

  78. Paivi Says:

    Interesting and sensitive! 🙂

  79. michiko Says:

    mulan is great! she looks so sweet. : )

  80. katie Says:

    this is incredible. she looks EXACTLY like a friend of mine (well, if my friend ever wore makeup) — so, great job on getting it truly photo-realistic!

  81. mschristiner Says:

    Love this picture!! She looks beautiful and so realistic. Can you do Ariel from the little mermaid?

  82. Ishtah Says:

    she has characteristics from 2ne1 the korean pop singing group…..she doesnt really look chinese she looks more korean because of her delecate petite features

  83. elizabeth Says:

    I absolutely love this drawing. She looks lovely, as do all your other drawings as well. I really do think you should sell these; I would definitely buy one! 🙂

  84. Claire Says:

    Looks like Sandra Oh if she was younger and had different teeth

  85. AAA Says:

    This looks very much like Michelle Phan for some reason..

  86. stephanie Says:

    This is amazing work! I really love Mulan and Jasmine. Great job! Maybe when you have time, a Tinkerbell would be cool.

  87. Dana Says:

    apparently, i look like your mulan!

  88. Emerson Says:

    Your work is great! I’m not really a Disney Princess fan but boy what you did is just awesome. Keep it up!

  89. Jeyna Grace Says:

    You’re on yahoo news! Great job!

  90. yemi Says:

    Really good work. Most of the characters actually fit what I personally would have conceived them to look like in real life. Kudos

  91. sae Says:

    hello from japan again 🙂
    this is fantastic! and my favorite.
    please keep on working.
    sorry for my bad English skills.
    i just say your painting is so beautiful and i want to see them more.

  92. Ohhh so AMAZING ❤

    Could you do the same for "Belle" as we say in french (from Beauty and the Beast) ? 🙂

  93. CTT Says:

    just amazing! anyone else agree they there need to be a Mulan in real-life military / boy costume? Full body would be amazing too! =D

  94. Chevis Says:

    Mulan, my favorite Disney princess!! All of your work is amazing! I wanna see more!!

  95. This is very amazing! I would buy the mulan one for my baby sister she would love it!

  96. Meiyen Kwan Says:

    why is she the only asian princess =(

  97. Pinky Says:

    beautiful work of art 🙂 AMAZING…my favorite disney princess cause she’s the only asian one. Kudos to you 😀

  98. Pinky Says:

    Reblogged this on Spontaneous Randomness and commented:
    If Disney Princesses were real.

  99. jojodesign Says:

    your work is fabulous, but Disney mistranslate faces of Mulan, imagine … How could a woman warlord who were on the battlefield could have a soft face and skin soft as silk? compared to Milla Jovovich’s Joan of Arc

  100. I think it’d be really phenomenal if you could make a rendition of Mulan’s male counterpart, Ping.

    In the movie, animating a girl to look like a boy and getting the other characters to go along with it is easy, but in reality I don’t think it would be as convincing. What would she look like as a male in “real life”?

  101. Steven Says:

    Oh my gosh, this illustration of Mulan looks identical to one of my classmates.
    Her name is Angela, and she has the exact same face.

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