October 21, 2011

And over 20 000 visitors today! I guess I will have to reward all this support with a brand new piece of work… So I give you my interpretation of Disney’s Pocahontas.

This is a continuation of my previous attempts to envision Disney characters in “real life”.

88 Responses to “Pocahontas”

  1. Sassy Says:

    You are such an amazing artist! Keep sharing your passion to worldand you’ll definitely inpsire tons of people especially those who about to take their talents for granted!:)

  2. Caroline Says:

    Everything is so beautiful!!!! Bravo c’est vraiment magnifique!!
    Continues ainsi!! Keep on surprising us !!
    It’s amazing!!

  3. Bárbara Says:

    What a beautifull work!!!! Congratulations!!! I would like to see what would you do whit Snow White!!! I´ll be this princess in my birthday party, next month!!! I love Disney Princess, and I’m impressed whith your job!!!

  4. Isa Says:

    That’s insanely good! I would love to see you make Rapunzel, if it’s possible! 🙂

  5. tewww Says:

    My fav ! She looks so real and beautiful 🙂 good job ! can’t wait to see the new ones

  6. pia Says:

    She looks like Tia Carrere!

  7. Shane Says:

    Looks nice, but as a man married to a first nations woman, and having attended many powwows and cultural festivals, I gotta tell you that full blood first nations women do not look like that. That looks like a Swede or Lapp with first nations pigmentation.

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thank you for your comment. It is only my interpretation of what I would imagine Disney’s Pocahontas to look like 🙂

      • I just want to say that you did a VERY good job with this interpretation, after all your interpretation was based on how DISNEY made the characters, and as much as I love Disney, their historical and cultural interpretations can be very off sometimes. I personally think Disney’s Pocahontas looks very Hawaiian/Polynesian as opposed to how the natives on the east coast of the present-day USA REALLY looked like; but, it’s not your fault Disney got it wrong, so GREAT JOB on your interpretation! 😀

      • jirkavinse Says:

        Thanks! Yes, it’s my interpretation based on how I saw her in the Disney film 🙂

    • Lucy Says:

      I think this is perfect. I’m guessing shane is from canada and doesn’t realize that first nations, or native people as we say in the usa, can look differently depending on the region. ive met women that look like this artist’s depiction. Great job, Jirka.

  8. ILoveBrusselSprouts Says:

    Very Good! She looks incredibly like Tia Carrere!

  9. S Says:

    Absolutely beautiful, however I sincerely hope you will be re-creating Princess Tiana as well.

  10. Clare Shin Says:

    I LOVE this! Everything about her, her face features, skin tone, clothes, look gorgeous. She looks like she’s going to spring out of the screen anytime.

  11. Hery Park Says:

    loveeeeeeeeeeee it!

  12. Your Pocahontas is my favorite 🙂 You are so talented! Hope to see Cinderella soon 😉 I’m going to bookmark you and check back often!

  13. Ninni Says:

    Oh my good god!! This is EXCELLENT!!!! It’s so Pocahontas!!!

  14. Drizzen Says:

    Megan fox?

  15. Dandi Says:

    I love love love all of these and have emailed several of my friends to look at them. Like several other people have said, I’d love to buy some of these someday. I bet a TON of people would. It’d be great if you could figure out a way to do it.

    And..do you think you’ll be doing Cinderella? She is my absolute favorite character.

    Again, GREAT job. They are absolutely stunning! Truly!

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thank you for commenting and sharing these with your friends. But I’m pretty sure there would be a copyright issue selling something so heavily influenced by Disney. Maybe I will have time to make Cinderella one day!

  16. Alexandra Says:

    Wow! Your work is amazing!

  17. MLB Says:

    She would have to have incredible back strength to achieve that pose and her chin is too pointy not square enough. Otherwise great work with everything else.

  18. dltindle Says:

    Essence of actress Tia Carrare … love it!

  19. I think she resembles Megan Fox a little bit. I loveeee your work. My favorite is Jasmine =D

  20. CHA Says:

    I love Pocahontas! Amazing work! 🙂

  21. Tha Says:

    Man, honestly, I fucking LOVE your work! Congrats! You’re A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

  22. alice Says:

    Wow! Lovely work! You are so talented!

    Reminds me of Grace Park!

  23. Jessica Says:

    Wow she looks similar to the real life beauty of Tia Carrere.

  24. I actually disagree with Shane up there. I live in a town in Oklahoma (United States) where the Native American population is the far majority. While your depiction is obviously your interpretation of a character, she has man of the facial features of true Native woman. Great job. A friend shared your blog and your work is very beautiful.

  25. Kristin Says:

    I just want to say, some people are very rude to critique your amazing art…at least the compliments drown out the rude remarks. My favorite one is Jasmine but they are all AMAZING! I think Pocahontas looks a bit like the lady who played in Wayne’s World, Tia Carrere. She’s gorgeous..beautiful job!!

  26. lara Says:

    As a first nations woman, this makes me so happy 😀 And to everyone saying this does not look like a native woman, I would like to say that we are a diverse group of people, and from coast to coast there are tribes that are different looking from one to the next. Thanks for sharing your passion and art! 😀

  27. michiko Says:

    she is a dead ringer! pocahontas is my personal favorite princess so i am know i am probably a little biased (her character is so strong! i wish i was more like her!) but wow wow wow she looks incredible!!!! my little girls asks to look at your pictures every day. : )

  28. Lila Says:

    This is the most beautiful drawing/picture that I never saw. (sorry for my english, i’m french). you’re a genie.

  29. Priscilla Says:

    Wow ! tout est juste incroyable ! tu fais un travail formidable ! Excuses moi je parle Français et ne parle que très peu l’anglais ! mais après tout ça n’a pas d’importance ! Je voulais juste dire que, grâce à toi, mes rêves de petite fille deviennent réalité ! =D Bravo et encore Bravo ! I love it !

  30. Diel Says:

    Monica Belluci! 🙂

  31. Claire Says:

    … looks exactly like Tia Carrerre

  32. Eme Says:

    This is insanely amazing.

  33. natasha Says:

    Jirka… Kim Kardashian and Jasmine look a lot alike! I noticed!!!!!
    Also Tia Carrere and Pocohontas!

    Kim Kardashia

    Tia Carrere


    Even Tiana, Rapunzel, Cinderella and Snow White have the eyes and nose and at times mouths of very familier and most famouse actresses!

  34. Nadia Says:

    Wow!! This is so amazing! All of your interpretations are so dead-on and beautiful! It’s really inspiring. I’ve loved Disney princesses since I was a little girl, and to see them look real and yet still retain that fairytale beauty is just awesome~ 😀

  35. rose Says:

    btw, i used it as my background pic and profile pic on my twitter account.. i really like it.. =) hope you don’t mind?

  36. sincerelyxoxo Says:

    Reblogged this on sincerelyxoxo.

  37. tina Says:

    I feel like Pocahontas looks old. She doesn’t look like an adolescent girl at all. She looks 30ish. I wasn’t too impressed with this one.

  38. bella woods Says:

    pocahontas looks like MUlan

  39. Tal Says:

    haha exactly what i’d imagined pocahontas to look like

  40. Kristina Says:

    You are SO AMAZING. She is my favorite disney character and I don’t think you could’ve portrayed her in any more amazing way than you did. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! keep up the awesome work you are such an inspiration!

  41. Valerie Says:

    Wow! This is my first time ever on your website. She looks beautiful! OUTSTANDING oh my gosh i am amazed. Her bone structure looks just like the one in the movie. Beautiful, huge fan!

  42. Siv Says:

    This is incredible!!!

  43. koko mo Says:

    these are all SO incredible oh my gosh you are amazing! pocahontas is my favorite disney character, this is so perfect! this looks so insanely good! do you mind if i post some of these onto my blog and link them back to your blog?? i think my followers would really enjoy them!

  44. Chevis Says:

    I just can’t say it enough, your an amazing artist. Seeing these characters now as an adult…..You just appreciate it so much more since these are the characters we grew up on!! Keep it up!! GREAT WORK!!

  45. laura Says:

    Tää on miun lemppari Jasminen lisäks. UPEITAAAAAHH!!!!

  46. Laura Says:

    Pocahontas on ihan mun lemppari Disney-hahmo. Ja tää kuva on niin huippu, miten oot osannutkaan tehdä siitä noin hyvän näköisen. Kiitos näistä kuvista, niitä on ilo katsella 🙂

  47. Niina Says:

    Love your work with Disney chicks, all of them. I fell in love with the beauty of Jasmine, and Aurora looks exactly how I have imagined her.

    Had to come check, if someone else has also felt Pocahontas looks like Tia Carrere, seems I’m not the only one 🙂

    And about the comment “She would have to have incredible back strength to achieve that pose”.. I (also) think that Pocahontas is a character, who has a really strong physique – strong enough to do a lot harder things than that pose! Even I could do that pose, and I don’t find myself having extraordinary strong physique – actually I find myself to be now in a quite bad condition physically 😀 People, get your back some workout, it will be huge favor for yourself when you get older.

  48. lylakk Says:

    Kinda resembles how Tia Carrere looks in the link above, but I think this was spot on to Pocahontas. Great work.

  49. Elisha Says:

    This is amazingly beautiful. Pocahontas is my favorite Disney character, and this interpretation is stunning. I do agree with one of the above comments, though, that Disney’s interpretation of native women is a little off… the feature are a little too severe… native women’s faces are more rounded. I should know – my grandmother is full-blooded!

    This is still amazing. I would buy this and hang it on my wall!

  50. Cecilie Says:

    You make some really beautiful photo manipulation of the Disney princess! Pocahontas is my favorite of the Disney princesses. Have you ever considered to make Disney princes?

    Keep up the good work! 😀

  51. Nila Atkins Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. This is a amazing depiction of Pocahontas is how I would see her. A lovely, and strong Native American Woman. You do her Justice. This is my favorite of all your work.
    You are incredibly talented. Keep up the excellent work. Look forward to seeing more from you.

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