September 6, 2011

This time I give you the lovely Meg from Disney’s Hercules.

This is a continuation of my previous attempts to envision Disney characters in “real life”.

45 Responses to “Megara”

  1. Could you, please, draw the other princesses? Mulan, Cinderella, White Snow, Pocahontas..? I just loved!

  2. TakoMaguro Says:

    Of all your real life Disney characters, Meg is my favorite. I think you really captured her personality instead of just having her posing there like the others.

  3. italktoyouallthetimeinmyhead Says:

    Wow, that is ah-mazing! You’re an inspiration.

  4. marik Says:

    she looks so slutty. just like i always imagined.

  5. Iphia Says:

    Are these all paintings which you created, which you retouched in photoshop?

  6. laura Says:

    These all are amazing, thank you for sharing your gift with the world!! I like this one the most because it adds depth to her character. All of them are beautiful but I especially love the ones which show a realistic insight to their personality.

  7. elena Says:

    Tää on niin aito! Megara on parasta, mitä Disney on koskaan tuonu mun elämään ja nyt tuijottaa mua ihmishahmossa. Ihanata! Sanat ei riitä kuvailemaan. Hienoa, että sait näin paljon irti niin karikatyyrisestä tyylistä + hahmo on tosiaan pysyny omana ittenään. Oisko Kida ja Helga Atlantiksesta mitään? Myös Nani Lilosta ja Stichistä kiinnostais nähdä. Kaikki tietty pyytelee sulta koko ajan yhtä, jos toista lemppariaan.

  8. loora Says:

    This one absolutely is my favourite. 🙂 love how you captured her character!

  9. James Says:

    Not only have you captured physical features of the Disney beauties but also, their personalities as well! For Meg, you captured her rebellious, & cynical character while I see a shy Belle in her eyes! Your visiion for these characters are astonishing! I can’t wait for more & I dislike reading comments are forums saying ” where is Cinderella?” or “haha he forgot Tiana was a princess!” they obviously can not see that work was put into this! Rene Ed, quality over quantity! I have a feeling I will be a frequent visitor!

    can you please make the other princesses?pleeaseeee

  11. Greekgeek Says:

    They’re all great, but this one is just fabulous. Meg is…no princess, and that’s why she’s so great. You caught her slightly off-kilter personality beautifully. She looks like she belongs with the Puppini Sisters in “Jilted.” 🙂

  12. Juliane Says:

    Perfect! Just like Meg must be in the real life! My favorite one so far, your are amazing!

  13. Larissa Lair Says:

    I’m SO in love with Meg right now, she’s my favorite princess and you made her look absolutely beautiful!!!! I wish I could be her right now! I LOVE your work, is the best fanart made with the disney princesses I have ever seen. I would love to see how Anastasia and Alice would look in real life too!! You just got yourself a new fan from Brazil!!!

  14. michiko Says:

    wow meg looks spot on! especially the lips and eyes, her pose, the expression. its completely perfect!

  15. Filip Says:

    Eh. Now i have some kind of icon in Meg! She’s pretty addictive! Besides, she has a wonderful haircut. Perfect Job!

  16. Alicia Says:

    These are all so awesome! 😀
    could you maybe do some disney prince too?

  17. Bree Says:

    These are lovely. You should look into doing Anastiasia…? That would be so cool.

  18. mshaiq Says:

    Wow! You really captured the essence of Meg.
    All the others are beautifully portrayed as well. Great job!

  19. BKay Says:

    LOVE this! This one is my favorite so far. 1 being because I love her character, and 2 – THE HAIR! She’s cute as a cartoon but I could never invision what her hair would look like if it was styled like that IRL.. until I seen this. Gorgeous, great job!!

  20. FM Says:

    This is really great. The details, pauses, the colors. Could you post a kind of breakdown, or at least the start picture ?

  21. Kimbwy Says:

    Wow, Meg is amazing! And she doesn’t look ANYTHING like any Hollywood celebrities! (That I know of, of course). It must’ve been a bit tiresome to hear celebrity comparisons on your other works. 🙂

  22. charli Says:

    The way you’ve done all their hair and made it look real but still the same as the cartoon is so clever !! I can’t believe how amazing these are ! Would you consider doing belle she’s my favourite !! 🙂 and kida would be cool. 🙂 have you ever considered doing the Disney princes ? x

  23. Kuoen Ngai Says:

    great job! should totally consider doing the princes! would really really love it 😀 great job!!

  24. Beth Says:

    I think all of these are amazing. Really beautiful editing with a skill I’ll probably never master. But, it gives me inspiration to really work on my own art photography. Just wanted you to know your art is appreciated 🙂

  25. Filipa Says:

    She’s fantastic! You did an excellent job on her!! 😉

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