April 27, 2011

Continuing with bringing Disney characters alive through photo manipulation… I give you a “real life” Belle from Beauty and the Beast:

69 Responses to “Belle”

  1. Yassmin Says:

    This one is my favorite! its so beautiful!

  2. Carlos Says:

    Great! you catch her fear and curiosity, is very nice!

  3. Jessica Says:

    Sorry, I’m disappointed. Belle is my favorite Disney princess. What I love and admire about her is her courage and compassion, and that in her story it is she who saves the prince. This picture is so sad, and her hand-on-hip pose even looks a bit snobby. It’s so uncharacteristic of Belle. I absolutely love the way that the other princesses have been portrayed (really, I’ve never seen better for this style!), and I think you can do better with Belle. I can’t wait to see more added to your princess collection!

    • jirkavinse Says:

      I appreciate your comment, and I’m sorry to disappoint you. I just wanted to capture more of a timid, yet curious side of her. But true, the hand on hip does not really go either way!

      • Elizabeth Says:

        I think the face could be re-done with more compassionate looking eyebrows and more of a mona lisa smile and be much more representative without losing all this work. I think she deserves another go, she’s so sweet! Maybe this time in the red cape with the fuzzy lining?

      • jirkavinse Says:

        Thanks for the input, but I am happy with this version and I wont be redoing her. I hope you understand!

    • MaryHS Says:

      Interesting — I don’t see this pose as “snobby” at all. She’s saying “Oh Daddy!” in that loving & frustrated way she has when he does something exasperating.

    • She IS a snob. she looks down her nose at anyone who doesnt share an interest in her hobby. He captured her judgmental attitude perfectly- she probably just heard someone say they don’t like her cheap romance novels, lol.

      and no, I recall her getting rescued once, twice.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    I am in awe! Amazing.

  5. Dee Says:

    Are you selling these?

  6. Jason Gillen Says:

    What is the name of your model?

  7. Iryna Says:

    i’m in awe of all the disney princesses you’ve managed to bring to real life but this one is the one i think is the most gorgeous. her expression and emotion seems simply amazing. i cant wait to see the other ones you’ll do! im hoping for a cinderella one!

  8. So very beautiful!

    And I have always thought I have long passed the age when I could fall in love with a Disney character!

  9. Jacky Says:

    This is my favorite one 🙂 she looks amazing & I love your creations. It’s funny cause I read that you use photoshop to make them and I recently started using it and I suck at it… I just wish I had a tiny bit of your talent and my job would be easier lol thanks for showing me that people can create something amazing or in your case many amazing things with that program.

  10. sefoije Says:

    Whoever you used as a model for this portrait of Belle, she is simply adorable! Well done, sir!

  11. Paul Says:

    wow looks kinda like Analeigh Tipton. Great Work

  12. gabby Says:

    ow wow! it’s so beautiful.. this is my favorite . 🙂

  13. Scott Says:

    Fantastic!, this is by far the best I have seen!!!!! Who was the inspiration for your Belle?

  14. MoonRiver Says:

    Bell has always been my fav’, and you potrayed her so well ! It’s a very great job : she is pretty (of course) but we can see right through her and that’s a very rare stuff to achieve. Congrats and keep doing it (:

  15. jeremiah Says:

    that’s the look I get when I ask a woman out on a date.

    woe is me.

  16. Liz Says:

    She looks like Miranda Kerr.

    Very beautiful but Belle was supposed to have brown eyes.

    Love the collection!

  17. Brooke Says:

    I just wish she didn’t look fearful.

  18. Lindsey Says:

    Please do Tinkerbell. She is my favorite Disney character and I would love to see how you portray her. All of your work is beautiful! 🙂

  19. MaesieLou Says:

    You’re Belle is spot on 😀 I love it. And I don’t think she looks fearful. Maybe wary, but not in a bad way.

  20. lizzy Says:

    i wish she had more of a widow’s peak since belle has one

  21. Ebony Says:

    Please do some of the Disney princes!!!!!

  22. Dominique Says:

    Fantastic! What actresses or models did you use to make this?I know that you take many many pictures and combine them. It all sounds very complicated and difficult, you have a lot of talent. I’m just wondering who were the main people that this one picture is made out of? Also, I think I might have mentioned this on another picture, but I’d love to see Alice in Wonderland, Tinkerbell, Wendy from Peter Pan, and Jane from Tarzan.

  23. Gina Says:

    These are all fantastic. Do you sell them?

  24. sr65289 Says:

    Mandy Moore.

  25. tina Says:

    Love this picture. I like how Belle looks sad. It’s as if you too the scene where her father was being thrown from the castle and Belle took his place in the tower. LOVE!!!

  26. Rei Says:

    I have to agree with what was said earlier: Belle is my favourite disney girl and this is not how I would portray her, she looks snobbish, kind of disgusted at what she’s looking at, reminds me of the mean girl in high school that sticks up her nose to the nerd girl at school, “what’s your problem, weirdo” her expression says to me….kind of makes me sad 😦

  27. Nessa Says:

    Absolutely stunning! I don’t think I’ve seen a better version of Belle. I think you even surpassed Martiniere’s version. Plus, I love the expression.

    I don’t suppose you’d ever release desktop picture sizes for any of these…. (Not that I’d have Belle on my desktop instantly if you did…. 😉 )

  28. mimmi Says:

    Wow! This is simply amazing. At first she looks like she is surprised/disgusted/ frustrated.But if you stare for a while, she looks sad.

    Nothing less than Mona Lisa! Good Work!

  29. Delaney Says:

    It looks like the type of face she would make at Garcon.

  30. Annie Says:

    Ohh this is my FAVOURITE Disney Princess!! I think she looks absolutely wonderful- and it would look DIVINE in my room… 😉

  31. Connie Ashpole Says:

    Absolutely beautiful.

  32. Tori Flint Says:

    I don’t believe it. That’s Belle!! I’ve watched that movie a hundred times I’m sure and that’s is exactly how I would imagine her to look in real life. You’re unbelievably talented with an incredible eye. I love your work. Truly.

  33. maiju Says:

    Unbelievable pic, i love this movie so much! I’d really like to tattoo this pic on me, and decided to ask, if it’s okay with you? 🙂

  34. Maiju Says:

    I just love this work! I’m a huge Beauty and the Beast fan, and i’ve been thinking to ask you, would you give the permission to tattoo this picture on me? I already have two Belles on my skin, but not a realistic one like this!

  35. John Says:

    I always imagined Belle as being a little socially awkward. She preferred disappearing into the world of her books. It didn’t make her any less a strong heroine, but it gave her an interesting apprehensive look. That may not be where you were going with this, but in my mind you nailed it. 🙂

    • jirkavinse Says:

      I totally agree, and that is exactly why I felt like portraying her like this, rather than being all smiles 🙂

      • John Says:

        You’re right then, it’s definitely worth preserving as it is. Thanks for these. They’re clever and well executed. If you can get around the rights issues, then I would be very interested in buying a few prints.

  36. Amanda Says:

    Oh, I love all of your Disney photos, but this is the only one I’m disappointed in. I can’t put my finger on why, but this just doesn’t represent Belle to me. However, there is no denying that you are very, very talented, and I love what you do!

  37. May I download a copy of these pictures? I like to collet images like this of Disney Princesses ^_^.

  38. Andi Says:

    I would love to see how you made this in photoshop
    I never been so enchanted by such a amazing and creative idea such as this collection you have made
    Thank you for sharing such a amazing piece of work I hope you present a video of how you made this even if its just a speed run of it

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