Keeping the Disney Magic Alive

April 2, 2011

I guess this was inevitable… Ursula did need someone to pick on. So may I present to you Ariel brought to life:

55 Responses to “Keeping the Disney Magic Alive”

  1. Hi, Jirka!
    Your Ariel is amazing!
    I made a post on my blog about your real life princess.
    Greetings from Brazil!

  2. Tera Says:

    Can you do Snow White?!!!!

  3. Jeriddian Says:

    Absolutely beautiful work, Jirka. Tremendous! You have a wonderful eye in portraying these characters in realistic terms. I am a big fan of Disney animation. I would love to see you do an interpretation of Kim Possible

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thanks a lot 🙂 ! To be honest, I probably wont end up doing one of Kim, only because I’m not familiar with her as a character. Thanks for the suggestion though!

  4. J Says:

    I seem to remember the Disney animators were using Alyssa Milano as the model for Ariel. Just throwing that out there. Nice work none the less.

  5. falcioni Says:

    Perfect! The mischievous look in her eyes is just so cute.

  6. amberranzau Says:

    This is so strange, but your Ariel looks exactly like me! It’s like looking at a photograph of me…. My friends and family agree!!!! How weird!!!!

  7. Ash Says:

    Wonderful work! Ariel reminds me a lot of Mandy Moore. You captured the innocence and playfulness of the character very well!!!

  8. James Says:

    Ariel is so cute! She looks like the kind of girl every boy would want to approach because she is so giggly! No wonder she won Prince Eric’s heart!

  9. You know… its really strange, but if I had black eyebrows… and perfect skin this looks a lot like me too. Its actually really bizarre. I might even make this a facebook profile pic of course with your consent and name under it. But I am laughing so hard at the resemblance. Great work!

  10. zelinag Says:

    how did you do this? at first I thought it was a painting. Are you using real images and then painting the rest in? I don understand? but I LOVE IT!

  11. Gabriela Squadritto Says:

    Great Work! Congratulations from Chily

    PS: I miss Cinderella, PLEASEEEEEE!!!!

  12. Ces Says:

    This one’s my favorite! I hope you don’t mind if I made a blog post about your Disney Princesses art work. I hope you’ll make one of Snow White in the future. 🙂

  13. gleitz Says:

    Wow this is great! Do you have a higher resolution version available?

  14. anatotski Says:

    I really like your works. And here you’ve captured the innocent, mischievous, 16 YO Ariel. 😀 love love!

    —Fellow artist from the Philippines

  15. Natalie Tarnosky Says:

    Is there anyway to purchase any of these disney characters?

  16. Aria Says:

    Just wondering, who is this modeled after. She is super pretty and Ariel-like!

  17. Wow, I thought this looked a lot like me as well. I even have the same hair color! What a strange coincidence that so many other girls say the same thing.

  18. maddy Says:

    who is the model in this or did you freestyle it? every one of your princesses look wonderful. bravo, bravo, braVO!

    • jirkavinse Says:

      It’s not based on one particular person. I mixed features of a lot of people to achieve my vision, so I guess you could call it freestyling 🙂 Thanks!

  19. brianna Says:

    Her tail is awfully stubbly, lol and I know someone who looks just like belle and cinderella

  20. Kelli Lane Says:

    I had to repost this to my instagram because my friends tease me that I look like the cartoon. Now that I’ve seen this painting I’m convinced! I might be your real life Ariel! Check out my instagram a_little_bird

  21. Daidouji Says:

    Wow she looks really similar to a Mexican Actress called “Thalía”. It’s like you made her a mermaid!! it’s so cute n.n

  22. Annie Says:

    Y’know, the more I look at these, the more I fall in love completely with your work, princess-related or not.
    It’s all GORGEOUS.Especially the princesses. Yes.

  23. Nita Says:

    Lovely ❤

    But there's something weird going on with her right arm (on the left side in the picture), it looks all distorted.

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thank you 🙂 I appreciate your input! I actually worked closely with a real life reference when it comes to the upper body here. My arms get distorted just like that if I were to lean on them like that. I do realise that it can look a bit off.

  24. Shawnasea Says:

    Omg, She has the Exact same face as me! 100% thats what i look like! and my arms do the same thing! and same hair! wow! Its like looking at a picture of me :), its awesome!

  25. KQuinn Says:

    You know Ariel was based on the actress Alyssa Milano?

  26. Kelcey Says:

    Amazing work!!! I know you’re probably super bush but Ariel is my favorite. I was wondering if there is any way maybe you could do a couple more of her. Even with different face structures. I think it would be really beat to see her done in the scene where she is walking out of the water in the blue sparkle dress, or even her beside the girl that Ursala becomes to win the prince.
    I hope that doesn’t sound pushy. Thanks for sharing your great art!

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