April 1, 2011

I decided to entertain myself by Photoshopping together a “real life” version of my favourite Disney villain, Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

35 Responses to “Ursula”

  1. Paivi Says:

    Lisää luovuutta ja uskallusta vaan peliin!❤

  2. taru Says:

    Ilmiselvä Hannele Lauri😀

  3. Paul Says:

    Here from iO9 (http://io9.com/5852481/unnervingly-realistic-portraits-of-disney-princesses-as-human-beings). Your work is AMAZING. Is there any way to order prints of these?

  4. Gabriel Says:

    Amaizing! She is my favorite Disney caracter! Very nice job!!

  5. EA Says:

    please please please can I get a copy of this? I love it!

  6. yell Says:

    This is my favorite!! Couldn’t possibly capture Ursula better.

  7. Brooke Says:

    Greetings, Jirka, Hunch recommended your blog to me in regard to your Disney in Real Life project and I have been thoroughly fascinated by your work. Thank you for sharing with us and encouraging us to share! I did so on my Facebook. Keep up the good work!

    Brooke in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

  8. Tatiana Says:

    oh my goodness your work is amazing! could you take on more villains next?!

  9. Roxane Says:

    I’m so jealous of your work :B ! Really Amazing :’) ♥

  10. All Says:

    Awesome! I really like this picturem it looks exactly like her. Hopefully you do more disnet characters ourside of the princess’s, i’m sure you’d create and amazing Tinker Bell:)

  11. Allie Says:

    Awesome! I really like this picturem it looks exactly like her. Hopefully you do more disnet characters ourside of the princess’s, i’m sure you’d create and amazing Tinker Bell:)

  12. Allie Says:

    Awesome! I really like this picturem it looks exactly like her. Hopefully you do more disney characters ourside of the princess’s, i’m sure you’d create and amazing Tinker Bell:-)

  13. Chel Says:

    I love your ‘Real Life’ Disney work!❤ Could you please do a full body Ursula? Also, people say I look a bit like Lilo. When you get chance, could you please do a real life Lilo? thanks a million and keep up the great work! =D I know you can go far! I look forward to seeing more, even other guy disney characters!

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thank you! I don’t think I will be doing another of Ursula, or any other character that I have done previously. Lilo is something I could consider if I ever find the time:)

  14. Annika Says:

    Ihana Ursula! En tiedä miten joku tuossa näki Hannele Laurin, kun minä taas näen ilmiselvästi Anneli Saariston.

  15. Maria Says:

    Mahtavia tuotoksia!

    Mulle tuli tästä heti mieleen Anneli Saaristo😀

  16. Steve Says:

    I love it! If you’re only doing females, some more villains would be awesome! I’d love to see Mother Gothel or Cruella de Vil. Keep up the good work!!

  17. Samantha Says:

    I seriously love all of these! I can not stop looking at them, I can not wait to see more because I love Disney Princess’s<3 How do you make them look so real? do you get real people and touch it up?

  18. Young Australian woman Says:

    I think you’re a great artist, and I am sure you will go far. Please see the following as a constructive comment rather than a criticism of your talent. Your work disturbs me in that it carries on old stereotypes: the heroines are young, slim and cast as conventional beauties. The villains are older, fat, and portrayed as ugly, which implies they are angry that they’re not young and “beautiful” anymore. These depictions have a real impact on how people think, and on our culture: which is why people who are conventionally good-looking (thought to be good because we associate them with good traits), are more successful in life (given more promotions and assistance – a scientifically-validated fact) and those who are not considered good looking, aren’t. They are treated as if there is something wrong with them inside. Villains in films are also often portrayed as having a disability. Why would you want to perpetuate this? I think it’s time that we had villains played by people we think as conventionally attractive, and heroes by ordinary people. Otherwise we live in a very superficial world that harms good people.

    • jirkavinse Says:

      Thanks for the well though-out points you made here. What I have done here, is simply depicted the characters the way I always imagined them to look like, while staying true to their original designs – meaning that my depictions do come with the stereotypes of the original films. I definitely do not want to promote treating people differently based on their looks. Then again, for me, this project is not about trying to perpetuate these stereotypes, or about challenging these for that matter. But I can’t help it if people do take it that way. Thanks again for raising these valid questions though – it is definitely healthy to get views like that out there and promote critical thinking!

  19. Amazing Art work!!I’m fans of Disney and surprised to see what you have done! I hope that you would draw the male characters as well.

  20. Franzi Says:

    I love all the pictures of your Disney characters! I don’t understand how you do it… (although I read your answer to a previous post asking you this). Can we see your work in different working stages somewhere on your blog? Congrats on your talent😉

  21. Alinne Rosa Says:

    Hi, Jirka
    I loved yours pics! And I love the Snow White’s bad step mother… Can you draw her? =D Kisses and congratulations!

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