Carried Away

April 7, 2010

I was having so much fun editing my newly taken photos in Photoshop, that I decided to put my skills into test and see if I could create a picture of a model that does not exist. So I started combining different pictures I had taken in the past to come up with a unique new look. Considering how well this turned out, I might not even need models in the future…

13 Responses to “Carried Away”

  1. G Says:

    I came here because of the princess photoshop work (which, by the way, is stunning and I wish you’d reconsider selling), but this is beautiful and also chilling, to see how you create such humanity with just human-composite. You’re quite talented!

  2. Addie Says:

    I too came to see the princess photoshops but this is just mindblowing. I hope u get far more recognition for all this!!

  3. kara Says:

    Your amazinggggggggg…omgoshhh…please create all the princess characters…plzzz 😀

  4. tewww Says:

    i guess you took a part of gisele bunchen right? i only recognise her haha.

  5. masya Says:

    like this one 🙂

  6. amanda Says:

    I’m really critical, so the ear looks messed up, the lobe part. but it does look very nice otherwise :]

  7. Debangana Banerjee Says:

    Could you please do Disney princes as well??!! Especially Flynn Rider!!!

  8. Absolutely amazing. So much talent. Truly stunning. Love your work….. xo

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