London trip

October 26, 2009

To get our creative and observant juices flowing, we had to keep our eyes open and find three things that caught our attention. Here are mine:


This one looks so fun that you can not help but be drawn to it. The rich use of colours makes it vibrant, while the casual strokes make it look effortless. All in all the design is very busy, but well put together. This really inspires me to have fun – I want to colour outside the lines too!


Well I am in the UK afterall, so of course I find these lovely postcards eyecatching! To be honest, to me they look hideous. The pictures are unflattering, and the way they have been scaled and shaped makes the postcards tacky. But then again, the designs are genius for being so tacky. I was definitely tempted to buy Diana’s head and send it back home!

The simplicity of this design was what drew my attention to it. Although the shape is quite complex, the clear geometric form makes is simple at the same time. The nude colour also pleases my eye, and creates a nice contrast with the sharp shape. In the end, the design is something that I would have never come up with myself, making it interesting for me.

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